Want to reduce PST files by removing unnecessary attachments? If yes, then you can get your solution here. Through this article we will describe the complete steps to remove attachments from Outlook PST files?

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Best solution to Remove Attachments from Outlook PST files

Advanced method to reduce the size of Outlook data files with an easy process is eSoftTools PST Compress and Compact software. This smart program has the ability to safely reduce the size of PST/OST files by removing and compressing Outlook attachments.

With the software, users can easily remove attachments from emails, contacts, calendars and other Outlook items. The software also has smart GUI and different smart features to remove Outlook attachments with ease.


How to Remove Attachments from Outlook files with PST Compress & Compact tool?

  • Download and open eSoftTools PST Compress & Compact Software on your computer.
  • Press the Select PST button from the first screen and then choose a file selection mode
    • Single File Conversion:- Remove and compress attachments from outlook items of a single PST file.
    • Bulk File Conversion:- To remove and compress attachments from multiple PST files in a single process.
  • Choose file selection mode and click on Next to add PST/OST files in the software.
  • Select Outlook files and hit the Start Scanning button to load all PST files inner folders & items
  • Get a preview of all folders and items from PST files and make a selection of needed folders.
  • After folder selection from PST files, press the Compress Attachments button.
  • The software will show different options for Attachment removal and extraction to users.
    • Remove Attachment in New PST:- Create a new PST with previous Outlook data items but without attachments.
    • Compress Attachments in New PST file:- Compress Attachments of PST files in Zip archives to reduce PST file size.
    • Remove Attachments from New PST and Save Attachments:- Move outlook items to the new PST file without attachments and save all attachments to a different folder
    • Remove Attachments from New PST, Compress & Save Attachments:- Remove attachments from all Outlook items of PST and save all attachments to different formats by compressing them in zip archives.
  • Apply some other settings like- attachments filtering, mail filtering, exclude delete items folder, etc.
  • Select a location for saving the resultant file and items and press the Save button.

Now the software will start removing & compressing Outlook PST file attachments and provide you with instant results.

Key features of Outlook PST Compress and Compact Tool

  • Supports reducing PST file size by Removing and Compressing Outlook attachments.
  • Remove/compress attachments from multiple Outlook data files in a single process.
  • Both OST/PST and NST files are supported by the software to remove attachments.
  • Able to remove attachments from all emails, contacts, calendars, and other Outlook items.
  • Provides a preview of all inner folders and items from PST files before removing attachments.
  • Offers to users to remove attachments from selective folders of Outlook data file- PST/OST.
  • Saves resultant files after removing attachments to users’ specified location.
  • Has Mail filter option to recover attachments from Outlook emails of selective dates.
  • While removing attachments from PST files software also offers to exclude deleted items folder.
  • Has the ability to remove or compress attachments from PST/OST files of all Outlook editions.
  • Users can run PST Compress & compact tool on all editions of windows O/S (up to Windows 11)


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