Outlook Attachment Extractor Software

Extracts attachments from Outlook data files PST/OST or NST files attach within Mail, contact, calendar, journal, and other items. Instant solution to extract all types of attachments including- .doc, .docx, .txt, .odt, .pdf, .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .gif, .jpeg, .png, .vcf, .html, .msg, .eml, etc.

  • Extract Unlimited attachments from Outlook data files OST/PST & NST.
  • Download Attachments from Outlook Emails, Contact, Calendars, Journal.
  • Extract attachments from multiple files in single process.
  • Save Extracted Attachments to single Folder or separate folder.
  • Extract attachments from both UNICODE and ANSI format data files.
Extract Outlook Attachments

Outlook Attachments Downloader - Advanced Features

Outlook Attachments Extractor

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  • Extract all types of attachments from Outlook Profile PST, OST & NST files
  • Live preview of Outlook Emails and other items before the attachments extraction process
  • Supports extracting attachments from Outlook emails, contacts, calendars, journals, Tasks, etc.
  • Easily Extract & Save all types of attachments including- doc, zip, images, videos, xlsx, etc.
  • Allows you to extract email attachments from selective Outlook email folders.
  • Extract email attachments from single or multiple Outlook data files at one time.
  • Provides multiple options to add Data Files: Select, Search File, & Add Folders.
  • Download attachments from email of only required dates using the Mail Filter by date option.
  • Both ANSI and UNICODE file types of all Outlook editions are supported: No size restrictions.
  • Extract Attachments from data files with no need for MS Outlook application installation.
  • All MS Outlook versions are supported, including Outlook 2021 and earlier (32/64 bit).
  • Outlook Attachment Extractor is compatible with Windows 11 (32/64 bit) and earlier.
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Demo Version:- Extract Up to 15 attachments from each Outlook folder for free.

Key Features of Best Outlook Attachments Extractor Tool

Extract Attachments from Outlook OST/PST & NST Files

With simple and easy steps extract complete attachments from different Outlook data files (PST/OST & NST). Extract attachments from Outlook profile mails, contacts, calendars, journal, and items which is saved in PST, OST and NST files. Perform the attachments extraction job, without losing a single bit of information from source Outlook data files.
attachments extract from ost, pst, nst files
select/search outlook data files

Select or Search Data Files

Selecting data files manually or searching data files from drive both these options are available in the software. Users can choose both options to import files in the software for attachments extraction process. To add files from a known location use select file option or for searching PST/OST/NST files from your drive select search option.

extract attachments from multiple files

Extract Attachments from Multiple files

At a particular time users can extract attachments from multiple Outlook data files with no restrictions. In the software add all your PST/OST or NST files and extract attachments from all selected files. The software will extract all attachments from all files in a single process without creating any problem.

select/search outlook data files

Save PST Without Attachments

Users will also get the power to create new PST file without attachments. The software allows users to generate new PST file to transfer all data from older files. All the data software export to new PST without their attachments.

extract attachments from multiple files

Split Resultant PST Files

During the attachments extraction process with creating new PST files users also get the Split option. This feature of assits users to split resulted PST into several small parts by different size ranges to make the PST file smaller by size.

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Preview Emails with Attachments

Before Attachments Extraction, the software will provide a complete preview of all inner elements of outlook data files. The software shows all Outlook email, contacts, calendar and other items with attachments from PST/OST and NST files. This preview function will help users in making selection of required folders from data files..

view and select folders

Folder View & Selection

Software scans Outlook data files to extract all its inner folders and shows all folders to users computer screen. By clicking the folders, users can see all inner items of selected folders. Also, users can make selection of folders to extract attachments from items of only required folders.

filter attachments extension

Filter Attachments Extension

The software supports to filter attachments from Outlook data files with two different options. With filtering option users can extract attachments of a specific file type. To extract specific attachments users can to select a file type from predefined list of multiple file type and also can input a file extension manually.

extract attachments folder wise or message wise

Folder Wise or Message Wise Saving

While extracting attachments from Outlook data files, the software offers different option for saving attachments.

  • Save Attachment in Single Folder:- Create a single folders and save entire extracted attachments in it.
  • Save Attachment Message-Wise:- Create separate folder for each Outlook item with message subject and save their combined attachments.
filter emails by date

Filter Mails by Date Range

Mail filter by date function is also available in the software to extract attachments from emails of some specific dates. Software allow users to choose “from” and “to” dates and select email sending or receiving dates. After dates selection the software will extract attachments from emails of selected dates.

choose attachments saving location

Choose Saving location

Outlook email attachment downloader allows you to store extracted email attachments to a specific location on your computer. You may save email attachments to a secure location on your local PC with this software. As a result, anytime you need those downloaded email attachments, you'll never face any difficulty while finding them.

preserve complete information

Maintain Data Integrity

Software perform the attachments extraction process with complete security. The software will never make any modification inside source files. While saving attachments, the software will only download attachments from Outlook data files and create no changes in folder-hierarchy and data-integrity.

extract attachments without outlook

Extract Attachments without Outlook

Perform Attachments extraction process from Outlook items with no Outlook dependency. Extract attachments from PST/ OST or NST files without requirements of MS Outlook, MS Exchange or any other application installation. This single software will work independently to extract attachments from all Outlook data files.

extract attachments with no limit

No File Size Limitations

The software supports to extract all kinds of attachments from Outlook data files of any size. Without facing any file size restriction problem the software will extract complete attachments from both ANSI and Unicode format PST files of Outlook.

supports all Outlook edition

Supports All Outlook Editions

Both ANSI and Unicode format PST and other data files of all MS Outlook editions are supported by software for attachments extraction process. Users can easily extract attachments from OST/PST/ NST file which is created from MS Outlook 2021/ 2019/ 2013/ 2010/ 2003/ 2000 & below editions.

support all windows editions

Windows O/S Compatible

All users can Download, install and use the Outlook email attachment extractor tool on all Windows O/S editions with no problem. Users can easily run this software on - Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and others editions.

extract attachments for free with demo edition

Attachments Extract for Free

Outlook attachment downloader's free demo edition is available that can be used by anyone. It allows users to effortlessly download attachments from outlook files. This demo edition supports to extract up to 15 attachments from each folder at free of cost. Also, with this edition, users can test how well the attachment extractor works for free.

Software Comparison

Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Extract Attachments from Multiple files in One time
Preview Outlook items
Extract Attachments from Selective folders
Extract Specific Attachments
Mail filter By date
Save Attachments Message & Folder-wise
Extract Unlimited Attachments Supports to Extract Only 15 Attachments from each Outlook folder
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Software Specification

Trial Limitations

Demo Edition will allow users to Extract upto 15 attachments from each folders of Outlook data files for free

Software Info


Supported Files

All Edition of MS Outlook (Upto 2021).

Single User, Corporate, Technician, & Enterprise

Language Supported
English, German, Italian, French, Spanish

System Requirements

Intel® Pentium Class

Operating System

Hard Disk Space
50 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 512 MB is required

Software Delivery


Delivery by E-mail

Supported Windows OS

Works with all windows O/S editions 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, below editions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Download eSoftTools Outlook Attachments Extractor and run it on your Windows computer.
  • Press the “Select PST” button from first screen and select “Single” or “Bulk file Selection mode”.
  • Add PST/OST/NST files in the software, start the scanning process and extract all folders and items.
  • Preview emails and other items from Outlook data files and make a selection of needed folders.
  • After folder selection click the Extract Attachments button from menu.
  • Choose the option Extract attachments folder-wise or Extract attachments message-wise.
  • Select other required options like- filter attachments extension, mail filter and saving location.
  • Finally press the Save button and start extracting attachments from Outlook items.

Outlook Attachment Extractor Software

Yes, this software has searching files option for users who don't know the extract location of their data files. Users can easily scan a folder from their local drive to search Outlook data files and import them in the software.
Yes, the software has the power to safely extract attachments from single as well as multiple Outlook data files in a single process.
For user's ease the software also provides a preview of all Outlook attachments from Outlook data files. Before beginning the attachments extraction process users can check all outlook items that contain attachments from PST/NST and OST files.
Yes, users can select only required folders from Outlook data files to extract attachments from only selective folders.
Users can easily extract some specific attachments from Outlook mails using this software. Software offers to select a file type from a predefined list of multiple file extension types. In addition to this, it also offers to input a file type manually to extract specific attachments types.
Mail filter by date rage function of the software will allow you to extract/download attachments from email of some selective dates. User can easily select a “from” and “To” dates to extract attachments from emails which is received or send on the specified dates.
Before extracting Outlook attachments the software first ask users to select a saving location from their drive. After extracting attachments the software preserved extract files to user's specified place.
No, during the attachments extraction process the software never creates any kind of modification and changes inside the source files.
Yes, the software supports both ANSI and Unicode format Outlook data files that is obtained from any MS Outlook edition including- 2021/ 2019/ 2013/ 2010/ 2007/ 2003/ 2000 and below edition.
Users can run Outlook Attachments downloader on all older to newer edition of windows including- windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and below version.
At free of cost, users can extract up to 15 attachments from each folder of Outlook PST/NST or OST files with demo edition of Outlook Attachments Extractor

Client Most Valuable Review's

(Rated 5 Star)
At the same time, it extracts all attachments from PST files from all folders and items. It exceeds my expectations. This is a tool that I will strongly recommend to everyone. Thanks eSoftTools
[ Marilyn Katz ]  [ Norway ]
(Rated 5 Star)
The eSoftTools team has created a fantastic utility for storing all attachments in one location. The software capabilities and performance have greatly pleased me. In my opinion, this is the application that every user must use for Outlook attachment extraction.
[ Jerry Dean ]  [ New Zealand ]
(Rated 5 Star)
The app has a very user-friendly interface. This tool has met my expectations. There are no flaws in this product; it is just fantastic.
[ Edward Pedrosa ]  [ Iceland ]