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Converting images to PDF files is one of the most common tasks that many want to perform through their computer. There are many methods for doing this job but searching for the best in all of them is difficult. So, with this article, we will provide the best way to quickly Convert Image to PDF Document.

Nowadays users create different image files on their computers by taking photos, creating images in apps (like Photoshop, Canva, MS Paint, etc.), downloading images from the internet, or doing many other things.

There are many file types that contain images – PNG, JPG, TIFF, GIF, EMF, etc. Each image file type works separately from each other and supports saving different types of images. The differences may be compression rate, size, usage, etc.

Sometimes, users need to export images from these image files to PDF documents. There can be many reasons behind this.

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Why Convert Image to PDF Document?

  • Saving multiple images in one place: – A single PDF can contain multiple pages. Each page of a PDF file can save multiple images. It helps to preserve, manage, and easily view all the images from one place at a time.
  • Reducing file size: – It is possible to compress a PDF file along with its internal images for managing drive space. This PDF compression task can be performed by users without compromising the image quality.
  • Easy Sharable: – Most image files support a single image. To transfer or share groups of images, users will need to export a large number of image files at once. On the other hand, by saving all the images in a single PDF, users are able to easily share a group of images within a single process.

Users Queries

I am a wildlife photographer and click more than 100 photos of different animals every day. I have over 10,000 JPEG files in which I have preserved photos of various animals. I want to save all these photos in one file. My brother told me that I could do this by exporting the images to PDF files. Is it really possible to convert images to PDF? Please help me.

Easiest Method to Perform Image to PDF Conversion

With eSoftTools Image to PDF Converter software, it is possible to securely export images to PDF files from image files such as PNG, GIF, or JPG. Through this tool, export all types of images (vectors, illustrations, photos, and others) to PDF document files.

Get the ability to save all images from different files into a single PDF file or separate PDF file. Convert large numbers of images to PDF files in a single process. Furthermore, perform all Image to PDF conversion jobs free of cost and without any additional application dependencies.

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How to convert Images to PDF files with Image to PDF Converter?

Download Image to PDF Converter software and apply the steps shown below to convert Image to PDF files: –

  • Launch Image to PDF Converter on your Windows-based PC.
  • Choose a method to add Image files from the options: –
    • Select Image File: – import Image files one by one selectively from your PC.
    • Select Image Folder: – Add a folder having all your Image files at once.
  • Add images files/folders and use the Remove option to eliminate mistakenly selected files.
  • Select the needed Image files and click the Next button for further process.
  • Choose a mode of generating PDF from the options: –
    • Create Individual PDF file: – Generate separate PDF files for each image.
    • Create Single PDF file: – Get a single PDF file with all your images.
  • Designate a location from your computer to save the resultant PDF files.
  • Finally, press the Save button and start the Image to PDF conversion process.

Smart functions of eSoftTools Image to PDF Converter Software: –

  • At one time, convert a single file as well as convert multiple Image files to PDF.
  • Add image files one by one from different locations to convert them at the same time.
  • Load a folder containing all your image files and convert all image files at once.
  • Eliminate the mistakenly imported image files from the added image files list.
  • Convert all types of Image files including- BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, EMF, and others.
  • Save each image to a separate PDF or save images from different files to single PDF files.
  • Self-select a path from your hard drive as a save location to save the resultant PDF document.
  • Get new PDF files that save your images without any modifications or losing their quality.
  • Continently use all software functions without requiring any prior knowledge.
  • Made for working on Windows O/s edition including- Win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, & below version.
  • Free of cost convert all images to PDF documents with the software’s free demo edition.


Exporting images from image files to PDF files is a basic task that users need to do for many reasons. Many users waste a lot of time searching for the best way to convert image to PDF document. Through this article, we have tried to help all those users by providing proper answers. Don’t hesitate to take the help of the eSoftTools Image to PDF Converter and get the best results for conversion.

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