Many users want to save their PNG files (containing images) into a single PDF file. Are you one of them and looking for the right procedure? So, your search can now end after reading this article. Here we will show a quick method to combine/put multiple PNG files into one PDF. Let’s start…

PNG and PDF files – An Overview

PNG: – “Portable Network Graphics” which is a file format used to store images digitally. It is a popular raster graphics file format that supports lossless compression of images. PNG files can preserve each image separately.

PDF: – “Portable Document Format” or PDF, is a file type created by Adobe. It also helps to digitally preserve documents along with text formatting, images, and other elements. PDF is a universal file type that can be accessed across multiple applications, devices, and operating systems. It can easily hold a document with multiple pages and images inside it.

Once in a while, some users need to put their PNG files into a PDF file. This task of combining PNG files into PDF can help users in creating presentations, eBooks, archives of image collections, etc.

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Why Combine PNG files into PDF documents?

  • Organizing Images: – Merging PNG files into PDF can enable users to combine images for making presentations or slideshows. Easily users can preserve all images from multiple PDF files in one PDF file.
  • Ease of sharing: – Simplifying the process of sharing multiple images at once by saving all images as a PDF document. Also, it reduces the risk of loss and misplacement of images.
  • File Size Compression: – Merging images from PNG files to PDF files also helps in reducing the size of images without compromising their quality.

Fastest Way to Combine/Put Multiple PNG Files into One PDF

To combine images from PNG files into one PDF, eSoftTools offers an automated solution called Image to PDF Converter software. A simple solution to convert PNG to PDF files securely.

It supports inserting unlimited PNG files into one PDF without losing the quality of images. Using this tool users can convert all PNG images into a single PDF as well as save each image as separate image files. Not only PNG, but it also converts other image files like- JPG, BMP, TIFF, EMF, GIF, etc.

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How to Convert multiple PNGs to a Single PDF with Image to PDF Converter?

Download, and install eSoftTools Image to PDF Converter tool on your Windows machine and follow the steps given below: –

  • Launch Image to PDF Converter tool and add PNG images with the options: –
    • Select Image File: – Add specific PNG/Image files from different paths one by one.
    • Select Image Folder: – Select a folder and load all the image files from that folder.
  • Load the imported PNG files and press the Next button.
  • Select a mode of generating PDF files from options: –
    • Create Individual PDF File: – Convert each PNG file and save each image as a separate PDF file.
    • Create Single PDF File: – Combine images from all selected PNG files into one PDF file.
  • Press the Browse button and choose a place from your computer to save PDF files.
  • Lastly, click the Save button and start combining PNG images into PDF files.


Combining multiple PNG files into one PDF is a need of many people. If they have the right information then they can do this work easily. To help those users who are not aware of any technique to convert PNF to PDF, we have provided this article. To do this simply follow the above method and put multiple PNG files into one PDF securely.

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