Are you a user who is looking for a reliable way to delete duplicate MSG files then your solution is here. In this article, we will show you the method to delete/remove duplicate Outlook MSG files with an instant process. let’s begin…

MS Outlook is an application that enables its users to perform email-sharing tasks and also provides the facility to manage contacts, calendars, notes, etc.

A key feature of MS Outlook is to save user’s profile data locally. Outlook supports saving users’ email profile data locally in various file types and MSG is one of them.

MSG is the file type in which Outlook preserves each Outlook profile item separately. An MSG file can preserve a separate email, contact, calendar, or other item.

While using MS Outlook, in many cases users will face the problem where they get multiple copies of MSG files on their computer. This problem of duplicate MSG files can arise due to various reasons.

These duplicates of MSG files available in the users’ drives can cause various problems to the users, hence they need to be removed.

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Why Remove Duplicate MSG Files?

  • Optimize Storage Space: – Duplicate MSG files take up unnecessary space from the user’s drive. Removing those duplicate messages can help users manage storage space.
  • File search enhancements: – If you have duplicate MSG files, it is difficult to quickly locate the required information from a specific MSG file. Removing duplicates will streamline your search process and save you time and effort.
  • Improving Performance: – Unnecessary MSG file duplicates can slow down Outlook and users may face performance issues. You can speed up MS Outlook by removing duplicates.

Smart Solution to Remove Duplicate Outlook MSG Files

It is not possible to delete unwanted copies of Outlook MSG files using eSoftTools MSG Duplicate Remover software. This utility automatically finds duplicate MSG files from folders specified by users and removes them easily.

Furthermore, it can remove MSG duplicates within folders and all selected folders as a whole. Users can safely remove duplicates of both ANSI and Unicode MSG files of all MS Outlook versions (as of 2021). It offers many more features that can assist users in removing MSG duplicates safely by applying some simple steps.

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How to Delete Duplicates MSG files With MSG Duplicate Remover software?

Using eSoftTools MSG Duplicate Remover software, apply the following steps to delete duplicate MSG files from your computer.

  • Download, install, and launch the software on your Windows-based PC.
  • Press the Select MSG File/Folder button to add the necessary MSG files.
  • Choose the mode of file adding Select MSG Files or Select MSG Folder.
  • Import MSG files with the selected option and hit the Next button.
  • Start scanning selected folders and view inner emails from MSG files.
  • Choose MSG folders for deleting duplicates & press the Remove Duplicate MSG button.
  • From the next screen, choose a method of deleting duplicates from the available 2 options: –
    • Search and Remove MSG duplicates within the folder
    • Search and Remove MSG duplicates across all folders
  • Select a naming convention option from the available 10 formats.
  • Choose a path where you want to preserve resultant MSG files.
  • Use mail filter for selection of Outlook MSG files containing specific emails (for removing duplicates).
  • Lastly, press the Convert button and start removing duplicates of MSG files from your drive.

Note: – The software will find copies of MSG files from selected folders and move each MSG without their duplicates to the user-specified saving path.


There can be many reasons for having duplicate MSG files. When a user faces this problem, it becomes tough to organize and manage their data. As a result, they prefer to remove Duplicate Outlook MSG files. To do this work simply follow the technique we have mentioned above and get the best results.

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