Do you have some duplicate EML files in different folders? Do you want to find and remove those duplicates? If yes, then you will get your solution through this article. Here we will show you a quick method to delete same EML files from multiple folders at once.

EML stands for “Electronic Mail” which is a file type that enables users to store emails locally. An EML file can hold an email with relevant information. (such as sender and recipient email addresses, date, subject, message text, attachments, etc).

Most desktop-based email clients support and use EML files to manage a user’s emails. The email client makes a copy of every email in the user’s profile. Those email client saves each email in separate EML files on the user’s local drive.

Many of us use email programs that save messages in EML format, and over time duplicate files can accumulate in folders on our local drives.

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Reasons for Duplicate EML files –

There are many reasons why duplicate EML files appear in folders. The following are some common causes of duplicate EML files:

  • Email Client Glitches: – Sometimes, copies of emails may be generated as EML files due to some problems in the email client.
  • Importing and Exporting Data: – In cases where users export emails from their configured email profile to separate folders. Additionally, while importing some external emails into the email profile/email client.
  • Network or Server Issues: – Connection problems with email clients and mail servers also become the cause of duplicate EML files. The email client creates multiple copies of a single email as EML files.

Solution to Delete Same EML Files from Different Folders

Finding and deleting duplicate EML files one by one can be difficult and time-consuming. So, the better way to do this job is to take the help of automated tools like eSoftTools EML Duplicate Remover software.

It will help all types of users to remove duplicate EML files (containing similar email information) within multiple folders and folders. With multiple smart functions, it makes the job of removing EML duplicates more reliable for users.

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How to Remove Similar EML Files from Multiple Folders at Once?

Download EML Duplicate Remover software for Windows and follow the steps shown below to remove identical EML files from different folders: –

  • Install and launch the EML Duplicate remover tool on your computer.
  • Press the Select EML/EMLX folder button and choose file adding mode: –
    • Select EML File: – Choose and import specific EML files from a folder.
    • Select EML Folder: – Select and load a folder with multiple sub-folders and containing multiple EML files.
  • Load EML files/folders from their location and press the Next button.
  • Start the EML folder/file scanning process and preview emails from selected EML files.
  • Choose the folders from which you want to remove EML duplicates.
  • Press the Remove Duplicate EML button and select the required option from the next screen.
    • Choose an EML Duplicate removing mode from options-
      • Search and Remove duplicate EML files within the folder
      • Search and Remove duplicate EML files across the select folders
    • Choose a location for saving the resulting files after removing EML duplicates.
    • Select a naming convention from the available list of 10 distinct options.
    • Select an email filter option “by date”, “From”, and “To”. (according to requirement).
  • Finally, just press the Convert button and start removing duplicate EML files from multiple folders at once.

Key Features of eSoftTools EML Duplicate Remover software: –

  • Delete Duplicate EML within folder: – Get the ability to delete EML files containing identical email information from within folders
  • Erase Duplicate across all selected folders: – Delete duplicate EML files from multiple folders at one time.
  • 2 different modes for adding EML: – To remove duplicates, insert one or more EML files from a folder or add an entire folder with sub-folders with EML files.
  • Remove EML duplicates from selected folders: – Select specific folders from loaded folders and delete duplicates from selected folders only.
  • Email Preview from EML files: – Within the software, view emails with complete information from loaded EML files before removing EML duplicates.
  • Self-choose a saving location: – Select a path on your drive where you want to save the resulting files after removing EML duplicates.
  • Different naming options: – Assign a name to the resulting files with the combination of the email’s “subject”, “date”, and “from” attributes.
  • Mail filtering: – filter emails from EML files within selected folders to remove EML files with specific emails. Filter emails by their date, and email addresses (To “Recipient”) and (From “Sender”).
  • Removing duplicate without data loss issues: – the software never makes any changes to the original or source EML files. (Generates new EML files without duplicates in the destination folder specified by the user.)
  • Preserve complete email info: – Preserve the emails in resultant EML files with all their relevant information like- Recipient/ Sender email addresses, date, subject, Message body, Attachments, etc.
  • All EML/EMLX file’s support: – The software supports the removal of duplicate EML/EMLX files that originate from any email client or application including- Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, etc.
  • Available for all Windows versions: – User can safely run this software on computers working on any version of Windows OS – Win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista and older.


Multiple duplicates of EML files in the email client’s storage folders or user drives can cause various problems. To prevent those problems, users need to delete identical EML files from different folders. For all those users who want to do this work safely, with less difficulty, and at great speed, the above method is perfect. Use the method above and swiftly delete same EML files from multiple folders at once.

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