Want a solution to convert multiple PDF files to PNG image format? If yes, then you will get a reliable solution to do so through this article. Here we will describe the complete steps to convert PDF files to PNG in batch. Let’s start.

PDF stands for “Portable Document Format” created by Adobe for storing documents digitally. A single PDF file can store a document containing multiple pages like magazines, books, etc.

PDF files stores documents with text formatting, images, hyperlinks, and other information attached to them. This is a universal file type and is supported on many devices and applications.

Apart from PDF, there is another file type called PNG which is mainly used to store images. A single PNG file supports storing an image separately. In some cases, users need to extract pages from PDF files to PNG files as images.

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Why extract PDF pages as PNG?

  • Storing Image-based content: – If PDF files contain images or graphics, by exporting them to PNG files users will be able to store them as separate images.
  • Saving each PDF page separately: – There may be a possibility that your PDF files contain multiple pages. If you want to save each page separately, converting PDF to PNG format is the best option for this job.
  • Editing with image editors: – By exporting PDF pages in PNG format, you will be able to easily edit those PDF pages with image editors like Photoshop, Canva, GIMP, etc.

User’s Query

I’m a graphic designer and have created many GUI software designs. I have stored those designs in some PDF files. All those PDF files have multiple pages and each page has a different image. I have to share some specific images with one of my clients and also want to make some minor edits to those images. For this, I want to extract PDF pages into PNG files. Please provide me with an easy way to do this task.

Automated Solution to Batch Convert PDF files to PNG

For various reasons, a user may need to convert PDF pages to PNG images. The best solution to do this job is to use an automated tool called eSoftTools PDF to Image Converter software.

It is the smartest utility that can enable users to extract pages (single or multiple) from a PDF document. Extract all or specific pages from PDF by selecting their page numbers. At a time, perform page extraction tasks from multiple PDF files without losing a single piece of information. Convert PDF pages to PNG, and 5 more image-saving file types including- EMF, JPG, TIFF, BMP, and GIF.

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How to Convert PDF Pages to PNG files using PDF to Image Converter?

Download and use eSoftTools PDF to Image Converter software to convert PDF pages to PNG files with the following steps.

  • Launch the software, and select a file selection option: –
    • Select PDF File: – one by one import PDF files from different locations.
    • Select PDF Folder: – Use it to add a complete folder with several PDF files.
  • After adding all PDF files to the software, click on the Next button.
  • Choose the PNG file type from the available 6 image-saving formats.
  • Select a “PDF page for image extraction” mode: –
    • Extract all PDF pages to Image: – Export all pages as images from a PDF file.
    • Customize PDF Pages for Image extraction: – input the page numbers that you want to extract specifically from your PDF files.
  • Hit on Browse and select a location from your PC to save the resulting files.
  • Click the Save button and start the process to Convert PDF files to PNG files.

Best Available features of PDF to PNG Converter Software: –

  • Bulk Convert PDF pages to PNG: – Extract pages as images from one or multiple PDF files at a particular time.
  • Add PDF file with 2 distinct modes: – The software offers 2 different options to import PDF files. Add individual PDF files from specific folders or add an entire folder containing multiple PDF files.
  • 2 different PDF page extraction modes: – Extract all pages as well as extract specific pages from PDF files by selecting their page numbers.
  • Saving resultant files to desired place: – Manually choose a path from your local drive to preserve the newly generated files with the software.
  • Save PDF pages in 5 more image formats: – Convert PDF Pages to PNG and also change to other 5 formats including- EMF, TIFF, BMP, GIF, and JPG.
  • Page Extraction without alteration: – Extract PDF file pages into PNG files with their original content in image form.
  • Graphical User Interface: – Anyone can operate this software without any prior experience or knowledge of any highly advanced technical skills.
  • Supports all kinds of PDF files: – all PDF and PDF/A files that are generated from any software are supported for PDF page to Image extraction.
  • Made for Windows O/s: – specifically designed to work computer running on Windows O/s. Easily users can run the software on any edition of Windows O/s including- Win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and older.
  • Convert PDF to PNG Free: – Perform free conversion of PDF pages to PNG and other available file types.

Note: – The demo will allow you to convert unlimited PDF files and provide resultant image files with a watermark of “eSoftTools software”. Users can remove this restriction with the paid license of Image to PDF converter.


Converting PDF files to PNG in batch is not a cumbersome task. There are many methods available online to accomplish this task. For best results, users can take the help of the above method. Try this user-friendly software called eSoftTools PDF to Image Converter and save your valuable time.

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