Are you looking for a reliable way to transfer email/mail folders from Eudora Mail directly to a Thunderbird-configured profile? If yes, then see the solution through this article. Here we will describe the best technique to import Eudora Mail to Thunderbird. Let’s start…

Eudora is a desktop-based email client that has been quite popular in the past. It was developed by Qualcomm to work on both Mac and Windows-based machines.

It provides advanced features and functions to perform emailing tasks securely. Anyone can easily configure and use their email account in Eudora Mail with POP and IMAP options and use it to share emails.

However, after some time its popularity decreased and users started shifting to its alternatives and cloud emailing platforms. The majority of users who want to switch from Eudora Mail prefer moving to Thunderbird.

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Why Migrate from Eudora Mail to Thunderbird?

  • Eudora’s Discontinuation: – Qualcomm has discontinued Eudora Mail and has also stopped providing future updates for it. Using Eudora Mail is risky, so users prefer to move to Thunderbird as it offers the same features that were previously offered by Eudora.
  • Modern technologies integration: – Thunderbird provides advanced and modern technology-based functions to enhance the email experience of users. Additionally, the option to add extensions/add-ons to import new functionalities into the Thunderbird application is also available.
  • User Interface and Preferences: – Thunderbird offers a modern and user-friendly interface that may appeal to Eudora users.  That is why Eudora Mail users may prefer shifting to the Thunderbird application.

Solution to Import Eudora Emails to Thunderbird Directly

Import Eudora emails directly into a Thunderbird-configured profile with the “eSoftTools Eudora Converter Software” solution. This software is specifically designed to perform this task with precision and minimal effort.

You can add multiple Eudora mailbox files at one time and migrate emails from all those files in a single task. To import all Eudora emails into a Thunderbird profile, it automatically detects and selects the storage location from the user’s drive. It imports entire emails from Eudora to the Thunderbird application without any hassle or email change/loss issues.

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How to Transfer/Export Eudora Emails to Thunderbird Profiles?

Note: – Before proceeding with the Eudora Email to Thunderbird import process, first locate the Eudora Mail’s storage directory from your drive. The location on Windows devices is as follows: –

C:\Program Files\Qualcomm\Eudora
C:\Documents and Settings\<YourUsername>\Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora.

From this location find the Eudora mailbox/database files (mbx) and apply the following steps: –

  • On your Windows computer, download and run the Eudora Converter tool.
  • Press the Add File/Folder button and select a mode of importing Eudora email files.
    • Select MBOX File: – Add an MBOX/MBX file containing Eudora Emails.
    • Select MBOX Folder: – Load a folder that holds multiple sub-folders with Eudora Email files (MBX).
  • Import needed Eudora mailbox files and hit on Next to add them into the software.
  • Load mail folders and emails from selected email files and choose the required folders.
  • Click the Convert MBOX button from the menu bar after the folder selection process.
  • Choose the Thunderbird option from the available export options.
  • Select the date filtering function to extract emails from selected dates (use only when needed.)
  • Hit the Convert button and start importing Eudora mailbox/emails to Thunderbird.


Moving Eudora’s email to the Thunderbird profile is a need of many people around the world. You can do this email migration task in a quite simple and easy way by using the technique shown above. Use Eudora Converter and directly move Eudora mailboxes to Thunderbird configured profile.

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