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While using computers, sometimes users need to combine or save different images into a single PDF file. If you are a user who wants to perform this task from a Windows 10-based PC then read this article. Here we will show the best way to combine multiple pictures into one PDF in Windows 10. let’s get on…

A very large number of users are now using computers with Windows 10 O/s. Images are a very common thing that users save on their computers. PNG, JPG, and GIF are some of the most famous file types that enable users to preserve their pictures/images.

With these files, it is able to save an image without affecting its quality. However, the limitation of these file types is that they can only save a single image.

As a result, each image will be saved in separate files which takes up more space on the user’s drive and also becomes very difficult to manage. For this reason, most users want to combine multiple pictures into one PDF.

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Benefits of combining multiple images into one PDF: –

  • Preserving all images in a single file: – It is possible to save multiple images in one file by moving images from all image files to PDF.
  • Sharing multiple images at once: – A PDF file can contain multiple images and just by sharing this single file users can easily transfer all their images together.
  • Easy image management: – It is very easy to manage all your images from one place through PDF files.
  • Reducing the size of images: – Combining images in PDF files also gives users the benefit of reducing the image size without compromising their quality.

User’s Query

I am a photographer and take many nature pictures daily. Now, on the computer, I have a folder with 1000 JPG files containing my photos. I want to combine all these files into one PDF file. Is this possible with a Windows 10 computer? Please suggest me the answer.

Solution to Combine Multiple Pictures into One PDF

A user can combine multiple pictures from different files into a single PDF with the help of eSoftTools Image to PDF Converter software. It has the ability to convert images to PDF and transfer images from files like- GIF, PNG, and JPG to PDF files.

This tool is specifically designed to run on computers running any version of Windows O/S, including- Windows 10. With a safe process, it can convert a single image as well as multiple images to PDF files.

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How to Combine Multiple Pictures into One PDF in Windows 10?

Download and Install this Image to PDF Converter on your computer running Windows 10 and other editions, they apply the below-mentioned steps: –

  • Launch the software and add Image files by selecting a file adding option: –
    • Select Image File: – import images from different locations one by one.
    • Select Image Folder: – add a folder containing all image files at one time.
  • After adding and loading images files press the Next button.
  • Choose an Image to PDF conversion mode from available options: –
    • Create Individual PDF file: – Convert each image to PDF and save it in a separate PDF file.
    • Create Single PDF File: – move or combine multiple pictures into One PDF file.
  • Select a location to preserve the resulting PDF file holding images.
  • Press the Save button to begin combining all selected images into PDF files.

Prominent Features of Image to PDF Converter Software: –

  • Combine multiple images in one PDF: – With an easy process, export pictures from different image files to a single PDF file.
  • Convert Single or Multiple image files: – Convert a single image as well as convert images to PDF at one time through this single software.
  • Import Images with 2 options: – add image files for converting them to PDF with 2 options- Select Image File and Select Image Folder.
  • Convert all image files: – Export images from all types of image files including- BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, EMF, etc.
  • Save images in separate PDFs: – Convert images and easily save each image to individual PDF files.
  • Saving location selection: – From your hard drive choose a location manually to save the resultant PDF files.
  • Continent Graphical Interface: – The software has an interface that is easily accessible by all kinds of users for easily completing Image to PDF Conversion.
  • All Windows edition support: – Easily convert Images to PDF from a computer running Windows 10 and any other edition of Windows’s O/S.
  • Free Image to PDF Conversion: – The demo version enables users to convert all images to PDF files without spending any money. (The resulting files will be available to users with the watermark of eSoftTools).


There are various benefits of combining multiple images into a single PDF file. That’s why many users want to do this work from their computers. For users who want to perform this task from their computers running Windows O/S, we have provided this article. Try the above-given solution to swiftly combine multiple images into one PDF file.

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