Extracting pages from PDF files into images is a common task that many users want to do nowadays. It is easy if you have the proper knowledge and the best technique. So, here we are going to guide you what is the easiest method to extract pages from PDF as images. Let’s start.

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a universal file type that enables users to preserve their documents digitally. To save data conveniently and securely, PDF file type is the best choice. Also, this file is compatible with a large number of applications and devices.

Saving multiple documents containing multiple pages in a single file is also possible with the PDF file format. A PDF file can easily hold all the pages of your documents.

But sometimes some users come across a situation where they need to extract pages from PDF files as images. There can be different reasons behind this like reducing the PDF file size, saving PDF pages separately, opening PDF pages in any image editing software, etc.

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Users query

User 1: – I have a PDF file containing Job Letters of more than 50 individuals. I have saved each job letter as a separate page in this PDF file. But now it is becoming very difficult for me to handle all these job letters with this single file. I want to extract all pages from PDF files as separate files, is it possible? Please tell me any solution.

User 2: – I want to edit some pages present in my PDF files through Adobe Photoshop. However, it is not possible to open PDFs directly in Photoshop. For this reason, I want to convert PDF pages to images. Is there any solution available to accomplish this task?

Easiest Method to Extract PDF Pages as Images

There are many solutions available on the internet by which users can convert PDF pages to images but it is very difficult to find the best among all of them. The only solution that is best for every type of person is eSoftTools PDF to Image Converter software.

It is an automatic tool specifically that is made to convert PDF pages to images. To save PDF pages as images, it offers 6 conversion formats and various smart features. This tool will allow you to easily extract all or specific pages from PDF files.

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How Extract PDF pages to Images with PDF to Image converter?

Download, and Install PDF to Image converter software on your Windows computer and apply the below given steps to convert PDF pages to images: –

  • Launch the software and select a PDF file adding mode: –
    • Select PDF File: – Import PDF files one by one from different locations.
    • Select PDF Folder: – Add a folder containing all PDF files in a single process.
  • Add PDF files with the select file-adding mode and hit the Next button.
  • Select a file format in which you want to save PDF pages from options- PNG, EMF, GIF, TIFF, JPG, or BMP.
  • Choose a PDF page extraction mode from the option: –
    • Extract All pages into Image: – from chosen PDF files extract all their inner pages.
    • Extract Specific PDF Pages: – Select page numbers and extract only select selected PDF pages.
  • Click on Browse and specify a location to save the resultant image files.
  • Press the Save button and start the process of converting PDF pages to Images.

Powerful features of eSoftTools PDF to Image Converter software: –

  • Batch Convert PDF Pages to Images: – Convert a single PDF file or convert 1000+ PDF to images with all pages at once without any issues.
  • 6 + conversion formats: – Convert PDF pages and save pages in 6 different file formats like- PNG, EMF, GIF, TIFF, JPG, or BMP.
  • 2 options for pdf file adding: – Software offers to add PDF files singularly as well as allows to add a folder having all PDF files at once.
  • Extract all or specific pages: – From PDF files extract all pages or input page numbers and extract them specifically as images.
  • Self-choosing saving location: – Choose a location to save the resultant image file from your computer by yourself.
  • Data Maintenance: – Complete the PDF to Image conversion without getting a single bit of alteration in original data.
  • Windows compatibility: – Easily use the software on all older to newer editions of Windows O/S including- Win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and others.
  • Free PDF to Image conversion: – Convert all pages from PDF files to Images without spending money using the demo version of the software. Users will get a watermark of eSoftTools on all resultant files, to remove this restriction purchase any paid license.


There are many reasons why users want to perform PDF to image conversion. In this article, we have discussed some of the major reasons to convert PDF pages to images. Also, here we have described the best strategy to complete this PDF to image conversion task. Now try the above-discussed eSoftTools PDF to Image converter and get the best results for extracting PDF pages as images.

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