Want to export/save Outlook 365 emails as PDF files? If your answer is yes, this is the right place for you. Here we’ll discuss the best solution to easily export Outlook 365 email to PDF files. Let’s start…

Microsoft has provided Office 365 as a cloud-based service for users who want access to office applications (like- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc) from web browsers.

All the applications of MS Office suite are available in Office 365. Also, the cloud version of MS Outlook also comes with Office365 known as “Outlook 365”.

Outlook 365 enable users to perform emailing task with safety and ease from web browsers. Also, data/ emails of Outlook 365 users’ profiles Microsoft save on cloud servers.

This process of saving users’ data on a cloud server helps users in several situations. By saving data on a cloud server users become able to free space from their local drive.

But in some cases, an Outlook 365 user may need to extract their profile emails to the hard drive. A majority of users who take backup of office365 prefer saving emails to PDF files.

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Quick Method for Saving Office365 Emails as PDF Documents

Users who are searching for the best solution for exporting Office365 account emails as PDF files must use an automated tool known as eSoftTools Ofice365 Backup Software. It is an expert tool that exports several emails from Office 365 accounts at the same time to PDF files.

This tool securely downloads emails with attachments and other email information. Additionally, using this tool users can export email messages from specific folders of O365 accounts. This tool is simple and user-friendly and anyone uses it with no trouble.

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How to Export Outlook 365 Emails to PDF files with Office365 Backup Tool?

Perform the steps shown below by using eSoftTools Office365 Backup software to export Offic365 emails to PDF files on your PC.

  • Launch the software, type your Office 365 email address, and then click the Login option.
  • Again, enter your Office 365 email address and add your account password for login.
  • Extract every mail folder of the Office 365 account into the software and select the required folders.
  • Next, select the “Save in PDF” option from the export options to keep Office 365 account emails.
  • For storing Office365 account emails, choose a location from your local drive.
  • Use “Mail filter” & “Naming Convention” and apply them according to your requirement.
  • Click on the “Backup Now” button and start the process of downloading Office 365 account emails to PDF files on your hard drive.

Remarkable Features of eSoftTools’ Office365 Backup Software

  • Extract all data from your Office365 profile and save it into different file formats.
  • Export emails and other items from specific folders of the Office365 account mailbox.
  • From the Office365 account download emails of a certain date using the mail filter option.
  • Provides the option to store extracted email files with various naming conventions.
  • Allows users to manually choose a specific location to save downloaded emails.
  • Suitable for all Windows OS versions (including- win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc).
  • Comes with a demo edition facility that enables users to free download up to 20 items from each Office365 account mail folder.


Several ways to save Office 365 emails to PDF are available on the internet. But to accomplish this job in a simple and straightforward manner users must use the best method. Through this blog post, we have addressed the best way of exporting and saving Office 365 emails to PDF. Now, for the export process simply use the eSoftTools Office 365 Backup tool and get the best results.

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