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The real way to compress any type of large-sized file is this free utility called the 7zip tool. With this powerful utility, users can instantly add multiple folders, files, or other database items in a single file format as 7z.

With 7zip extension, you can amazingly compress any heavy size files into a very small file format. And for securing the internal items of 7zip file this file compressing tool also provides a feature to set the password on the 7z file.

With this feature, the user gets the facility to protect its important database from theft and viruses. But sometimes the user entered in a situation of missing their password. So, In this situation, the user is unable to access their important database because they don’t have the key to open that encrypted 7z file.

So through this blog, we are introducing the answers of the user’s queries like “how to set a password in the 7z file”, and also in this blog, we are talking about the process of “retrieving the lost 7z password”.

How to Set Password on a 7zip file:

The 7-Zip encryption feature is designed to protect sensitive documents from unauthorized viewing. The contents of the files that you want to protect are encrypted based on a password that you specify.

Easy steps to set Password on 7zip to protect 7z file:-

Before reducing the data the user through 7z compressor user has to download this “7z compressor” Open Source utility.

First Step– Select the file you need to compress.

Second Step- Right-click the selection and choose 7-Zip

     >Add to archive from the menu.

Third Step- Enter your password (We extremely suggest to set a password with more than 8 characters which consist of alphabets and numbers),

Fourth Step- And choose the Encryption method you prefer.

Final Step- Just click on the “Done” to set a password immediately.

The Best mechanical solution to unlock the 7zip file offered by eSoftTools

Security of 7zip file has always been very important because it is now quite common. But if you forget the password of 7zip file in this situation user has to get the solution of the query of “how will you open the forgotten 7z file?”. So here we provide you the best program to make the rapid recovery of lost 7z file password.

I am talking about the software name as eSoftTools 7z Password Recovery Software. It provides three different high levels of advanced techniques for decrypting a 7z file password. All three recovery strategies are easily accessible by every technical or non-technical user.

You can simply try each recovery technique from the given options (like- brute force attack, mask attack, and dictionary attack) to make the instant recovery of your lost password.

Methods to recover lost 7z file password offered by eSoftTools:-

First, if you have to the 7z password it becomes very easy to open any password-protected 7z file. But when you lose or forget that key, you may get into a very big problem.

So, This eSoftTools 7z Unlocker is officially designed to unlock the 7z file with multiple recovery strategies.

It provides three advanced recovery techniques to simply open a password protected 7z file including- Brute Force Attack, Mask Attack, and Dictionary Attack.


#Method 1 Brute Force Attack:-Brute Force Attack is an amazing technique to retrieve the lost 7z file password. It will try all possible password combinations of length and range depending on what you decide. Through a brute force attack, you can get back the forgotten password, whether your file password is numeric or alphabetical.

#Method 2 Mask Attack: A mask attack is can be the best option for those users who remember a part of the original password. With this method, the user just has to put the remembered password and the software will instantly show you the whole password.

#Method 3 Dictionary Attack: Dictionary attack will provide the feature to recover the password of any alphabets combinations (for example- apple, back, etc). This software provides his own dictionary by which it extracts the password of your protected 7z file by any word that is stored in that dictionary.


Through this blog we got the solution of two queries, first, we got the answer of the query “how to set a password in 7z”. And another topic that we have covered by this blog is How to unlock a password-protected 7z file.

In the future, when you got this type of password related problem, just got this instant solution to retrieve lost 7z password. User can easily download a free demo version of the software which is available on the official website of eSoftTools.

This free trial version will help you in getting a free analysis of the software working process. This free tool has the capability to get back the first three characters’ combinations of your lost password.

Want to know more about this software, just visit here:-

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