Free and Easy Methods to Quickly Unlock Outlook PST File Password

Last updated on January 14th, 2020 at 02:31 pm

In this century many people are using Microsoft’s Outlook for securely sharing their important database and also to save their important database in a PST (Personal Storage Table) file type. Because MS Outlook is an easy method to communicate with other peoples. And also this utility offers to keep their important database securely in local storage files in your system such as-message, calendar, events, etc in a PST file.

And also for securing their important items that are located in the PST from theft and viruses it also offers the feature to encrypt the PST file with “Password”. For security reasons for the outlook database, many users put passwords on the PST file.

But sometimes the user has to face the scenario of forgetting the password accidentally and in this situation, the user won’t even have a backup. So, in that case, the user is unable to access their important message or information and get back them with other available options. At least they only have one option to getting back PST file data by unlocking the outlook PST file password.

In this blog, we are offering some free and easy methods for getting back the lost PST file password that methods will easily help you to unlock your PST file easily and safely.

There are two methods is available to unlock your PST file:-

#Method1- Manual way to unlock PST.

#Method 2- Automatic tool to unlock Outlook PST file.

Manual way to unlock Outlook file

  1. The first steps are if your outlook is open then close it immediately.
  2. Before the process of the manual solution, you must have a backup of the PST file.
  3. Run the tool {scanpst.exe}.
  4. Then enter the window + R command to open the prompt command and type “pst19up” with pst file then click enter.
  5. Now a copy of the PST file will be created the name as “Filename.psx”.
  6. Rename the original .pst file name as the old PST file
  7. Then you will get your Outlook file.
  8. Finally, open the pst file in outlook without any password.

This method can get back your lost PST file password but it is a very typical task for any new person. It is not an easy technique for unlocking the PST file through a new user. So we will highly recommend to all users to try this another one given solution that can unlock PST file automatically.

Unlock Outlook File by eSoftTools PST Password Recovery

An amazing utility is also available in this IT Industry to unlocking your PST file. Here you can try is eSoftTools PST Password Recovery software that is designed with some amazing strategies to unlock the encrypted PST file to access its inner database items again.

This tool will give you full surety to recover the MS Outlook file without making any changes in the original data of the PST file. This Password recovery tool has a smart and unique GUI too that can be easily accessible by any person. It has the capability to recover any complex and mix password structure without taking much time. By this software, the user can easily get back the password within just two or three clicks.

This software is awarded by many software reviewing companies for its superior performance. The best advantage of this software is it is compatible with all on all Windows OS up to 10 and also supports to unlock password of PST file of any version of MS Outlook.

How to Unlock PST file through Outlook Password Recovery Tool

First Step- Open the Software


Second Step- Get the Encrypted PST file to unlock


Third Step- Hit on the recover password button through the mouse to start the password recovery process


Fourth Step- After Recovery of your password it shows you this type of message


Fifth Step- After that, it will display your password as given below


Final Step- At Last, just use the copy to clipboard facility to unlock your PST file


Video Tutorial to Unlock Password-Protected PST Files


Here, through this blog, we got two methods to recover and unlock the Outlook file password the first one is the Manual Method and another one is an automatic tool name as the “eSoftTools PST Password Remover Software”. And you must have understood that the second method is the easiest and efficient solution to remove the password from the Microsoft Outlook PST file. It is officially designed for performing the recovery of the lost password of Outlook PST file and comes with some amazing features to reduce your efforts and save your valuable time.

You can also get this free utility from this given link:-

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