7 Z file may look like a small size single file, but it contains multiple huge files and folders in it. 7z has a more compression ratio as compared to other options like ZIP and RAR format. Also, it has a more advanced encryption technology that’s why most users prefer 7z to secure their important data.

Using and sharing these 7z files is also very easy. It also helps in free up some extra space in the user machine. Because of these benefits, the 7 Z file has become one of the important compression tools available in the market. 

But in some situations, the user encrypts the 7z files with a password and forgets that password. When a user comes in this kind of situation they search queries on the internet like- How to Extract Password Protected 7zip file? Through this blog post we are going to describe a solution to this question.

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Solutions to Extract Password Protected 7Zip Files:-

The 7z file Extraction is easy but becomes difficult when the user has added password-protected in 7z files, and you have forgotten the password. So, the which is available for the user, in this case, is to use an automated tool to recover 7z file password. After recovery simply put the recovered password to your 7z file for extraction. 

The best that will provide you with this facility is eSoftTools 7z password recovery software. This software has advanced features that will help you to quickly recover lost passwords of any character combinations. It has a clean GUI  by which any user both technical and non-technical users can access this tool with no effort.


Follow the below-mentioned steps to quickly recover passwords and quickly Extract a password-protected 7z file:-

Step 1:- Recover 7z Password Using eSoftTools 7Z Password Recovery tool

  1. Download eSoftTools 7z Password Recovery Software to your machine.
  2. Select and add 7 Z files in the software from your computer.
  3. Now choose a recovery method from the available options:- Brute force attack, mask force, dictionary attack.
  4. Apply additional option with password recovery strategies 
  5. Finally, click on the Recover to start the process 7z file password Recovery.

When the software shows you the password as output simply take the help of the copy to clipboard option to copy the recovered password, then follow the below-given steps.

Step 2:- Extract 7z File Password

  1. Visit the location of your 7z files from Windows Explorer.
  2. Select and Right-click on your 7z file and choose the Extract option.
  3. Now simply paste the recovered password and extract 7z file easily.

Key features of 7z password Recover Software:-

  • Provides the power to its users to recover password of any length, any character combination from any size 7z file with no problem.
  • Has a easy, interactive and user friendly graphical interface that help all kind of users to perform password recovery process with ease
  • Work perfectly and smoothly with all different editions of 7 ZIP file remove password protected from 7z file
  • Before purchasing company also provides a demo edition facility. All user can try demo version of eSoftTools 7z Password Recovery tool to recover first treee character of their lost password
  • For Recovery of lost password software provides three different password recovery options:-
    • Brute Force attack: This method is beneficial when the user does not know the password combinations. It helps the user find out the different combinations using capital alphabets, special characters, lower alphabets, etc.
    • Mask Attack: The method is a powerful and quick way to recover the password if the user knows starting or ending characters of their password. It will quickly recover the only needed character of lost lost passwords.
    • Dictionary attack- The technique recovers lost password from its dictionary files. In this methos software searches different anglish word to recover 7z password.


7z File Extraction process is simple and easy but for users who have any encrypted file and have lost their password, they must first recover the lost password. This is possible by using the best software of eSoftTools known as 7z Password Recovery Software. After password recovery, a user can easily open and also extract password-protected 7z files without any problem. For a quick demo utilize its demo edition.

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