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IBM Lotus Notes provides the facility to store messages in the database, address book, access to the web server, and program it to integrate with any other technology, etc. Even it supports a Relational Database Management System. IBM Lotus Notes is a smart e-mail client that provides services like calendaring, e-mailing, and saving notes. Lotus Notes boosts the user’s task of retrieving important data.

The NSF files contain all the IBM Notes mailbox database items like emails, tasks, journals, drafts, contacts, and notes. Users can save their all NSF files to their mailbox. If database corruption is shown on your screen, then it is because a neglected exception has occurred in Notes which creates conflict in accessing data of NSF file.

Below is the list of some major errors which can damage your NSF file:

  1. “Database Corrupt- Cannot Allocate Space”
  2. “Entry not found in Index”
  3. “You are not authorized to the database for user’s local mail file”
  4. “Network operation did not complete a reasonable amount of time.”
  5. “The object stored which is used by the note was not found”
  6. “Your current ID does not specify an Internet certificate for signing.”
  7. “Error creating product object.”
  8. “You can’t use Administration program while the Domino server is running.”
  9. “Database has not been opened yet.”
  10. “Object store database is disabled.” are not authorized to access the database Lotus Notes

Here, we will be discussing about causes and possible resolution for the most common error, i.e., “Entry not found in index”. The rest errors will be discussed in our other blogs.

Defining “Entry Not Found In Index” error

The major problem which occurs in every Lotus Notes user’s life is when they open IBM Notes and attempt to access the database, then it shows some error messages. Usually these prompts the messages indicating “Entry not found in index” or “Index views is not built”.  This hampers the user of retrieving data.

Prime causes behind “Entry Not Found In Index”

There can be several issues that can contribute to the index missing errors in the Lotus Notes application. But according to observation, there can be two major reasons due to which users face this type of problem. The one is issues in the look-up formula and the second one is a corruption of the database. This error is quite problematic and a little bit complicated to fix. But there are some suggested ways which it may help to resolve. However, before jumping on the solution, we need to explore more about the culprit of situation.

Issue with used Look-up formula

There can be a possibility that, you are applying or entering an incorrect Look up formula. In such cases, Lotus Notes becomes unable to show the documents which you are searching. This happens because the query is not matching according to its parameter and thus shows an error. Null or blank key can also be the reason behind this error as it violates the constraints of the database.

How to resolve the Look-up issue

  •  First, refresh the view of the Notes mailbox using the F9 key.
  •  If it doesn’t work to resolve the issue, then try to upgrade the view by using the ShiftF9+
  •  If the error continues to happen, then there must be a problem in the lookup formula, so rewrite it.

Corruption of Lotus Notes file

One more reason might be that the NSF File contains corrupted or you can say inaccessible data. The location of the file also plays an important role. The data file may be stored in the Notes/data directory. This file may contain all your contacts, emails, journals, tasks, events, etc. To recover data from the corrupted files or save information at a new location, user has to ask or take the permission of administrator.

How to repair log.nsf files step by step?

Are you not able to access your Lotus Notes database? Do you want to prevent your database from corruption or probable damage? Then they can use some manual methods or ways to repair NSF files.

Manual ways to recover NSF files:

  • Firstly, compress the Notes work-space so that it will be easier to understand the complete process on a single screen.
  •  From the provided database, choose the Notes mailboxes
  • Now, click the right mouse button to view the database
  •  Go to the Notes application and then choose the properties option
  • After that press the “i” tab
  • And finally, select the option compact to compress the chosen database.

One Last Solution

Because it is quite a tedious and complex task, this method of recovery and repair may be difficult to follow and doesn’t work. So, you can go for professional software to recover NSF files from a reliable brand like eSoftTools. Through this software, it will become easy to convert from Lotus Notes NSF Files to MS Outlook PST.


In this post we tried to cover Lotus Notes error message regarding “entry not found index”. We have also discussed the possible causes and relevant solutions to overcome such errors. However, the users can also choose convenient way to migrate to PST format for better experience of multiple email clients. For this user’s can take the help of above mentioned professional third-party tool, which will migrate/convert the NSF Files to PST and also in multiple formats. This software will definitely works for your issue and I hope this article will help you. Kindly share you reviews if any of the resolution worked for in the comment section.

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