Are you a YahooMail user who wants to extract attachments from emails? Are you searching for a reliable technique to do this attachment extraction job with ease? So, here we will show you the best way to download attachments from Yahoo Mail emails. Let’s start…

Yahoo mail is one of the most used web-based mail applications that users are using for sharing emails. Like other mail applications, the Yahoo mail account provides the facility for sending and receiving emails with attachments.

Efficiently users can access their Yahoo mail account and explore all emails with their attachments. The only things that users require to access a Yahoo Mail account are a web browser and an internet connection.

But the absence of the internet and some other situations makes users unable to access their email and attachments. As a result, users require to extract attachments from their Yahoo mail account emails to local drives.

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Automated Method to Extract Attachments from Yahoo Mail

A brilliant solution to efficiently extract attachments from a Yahoo mail account is eSoftTools IMAP Attachments Extractor software. Efficiently it extracts attachments from all email items of Yahoo account mail folders.

With easy steps, using this tool users can extract attachments from specific mail folders of their Yahoo account. Also, inside the software users get several smart functions like- Mail filtering, Extension filtering, and more. This tool makes the attachment extraction process much more reliable and accurate for all types of users.

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How to Download Attachments from Yahoo Mail account Emails with IMAP Attachment Extractor?

Download and install eSoftTools IMAP Attachment Extractor software on your windows computer, then apply the steps shown below: –

  • Launch IMAP Attachment Extractor software on your PC.
  • Choose the Yahoo mail option from the IMAP app/server list.
  • Input the Yahoo Mail account email address and yahoo third-party app password.
  • Click on Login and load all mail folders of your Yahoo account into the software.
  • Make a selection of required Yahoo account mail folders and use these options: –
    • Select Attachment Extract options: – Select any one option to save extracted options.
      • Extract Attachment Folder-Wise: – Extract attachments and save them to drive folder-wise.Extract Attachment Message-Wise: – Download attachments and save them message-wise. (create separate folders for saving attachments of each email individually).  
      Filtering Attachment Extension: – Extract attachments of specific file types from Yahoo account emails.
      • Predefined File Extension: – Choose a file extension from a predefined list.Custom File Extension: – Input extension of attachments manually.
      Mail Filtering: – Filter mail by date to extract attachments from emails of only specified dates.
    • Saving & Settings options: – Choose a location where you want to preserve Extracted attachments.
  • Lastly, hit on the Save Attachments button and begin attachment extraction from Yahoo account emails.

Key Features of IMAP Attachments Extractor Software-

  • Extract attachments from emails of Yahoo Mail and other IMAP-based webmail apps.
  • Supports extracting attachments from emails of specific folders of Yahoo mail account.
  • Saves extracted attachments with two different modes- Folder wise & Message wise.
  • Easily extract attachments of specific file extensions from IMAP account emails.
  • Provides mail filter option to extract attachments from emails of a specific date range.
  • Save the extracted email attachments to the user’s designated locations on a local drive.
  • Perform the attachment extraction process with complete safety and accuracy.
  • Works on all editions of windows O/S editions including- win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.


For different reasons, users will need to extract attachments from emails from Yahoo accounts. In this article, we have shown the best strategy to easily download attachments from a Yahoo account. With accuracy and ease, users can try eSoftTools IMAP attachment extractor software and easily extract attachments from Yahoo mail emails. Try a free demo edition of this tool and get instant results.

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