Are you searching for a solution to open and access emails from Thunderbird mail files without any email client? If yes, then you can get your answer by reading this article. Here we will describe the technique to directly open Thunderbird Mail file.

Mozilla Thunderbird is the most famous open-source email client. Many users are using this email application for different types of work like- emailing, contact managing, calendar managing, etc.

Swiftly users can use and access their email profile in Thunderbird client for sharing emails. Like other desktop-based email clients, Thunderbird also supports saving users’ email locally in different file types.

Thunderbird saves users’ emails in MBOX, MSF, and EML file formats. Users can easily access emails from these files with the Thunderbird mail client.

In case, users have Thunderbird mail files but don’t have the Thunderbird application, this situation makes users unable to access their important emails. For this reason, users need a solution to open Thunderbird mail files without email client dependency.

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Instant Solution to Read/ Open Thunderbird Mail files

Without the dependency on any email client, users can smoothly access Thunderbird mail files through eSoftTools Thunderbird Email Viewer Software.

This tool will allow you to access all Thunderbird email files like- MBOX, MSF, EML, and other files to provide a clean preview of emails. Also, this tool provides a preview of Thunderbird profile emails with all their linked information and attachments.

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How to use Thunderbird Email file viewer Software to access Thunderbird mail files?

Download, and install eSoftTools Thunderbird Email Viewer software, then follow the steps shown below open Thunderbird email files: –

  • Launch the Thunderbird Email Viewer tool on your computer.
  • Click the Add File/folder button and choose a file-adding option: –
    • Select MBOX file: – Add a single MBOX/MSF file into the software.Select MBOX folder: – Add a folder having multiple thunderbird mail files at once.
    • Auto Load Thunderbird Profile: – Auto-load the thunderbird profile default location and add it in a single click.
  • After the file adding mode selection, load the thunderbird mail file/folders, and click on Next.
  • Load all Thunderbird mail folders, select each folder and extract all its inner items.
  • Click on each Thunderbird mail item and view it on the preview panel of the software.

Note: – Double-click on each email, to view each Thunderbird email item on a separate screen.

Advanced Features Thunderbird Email Viewer Software: –

  • View emails from Thunderbird mail files such as MBOX, MSF, EML, WDSEML, etc.
  • View emails with their complete associated information from Thunderbird mail files.
  • Does not require installation or opening Thunderbird or any other application.
  • Displays email with header details, such as To, Cc, Bcc, From, Subject, etc.
  • Also comes with pro and pro plus editions to convert and migrate thunderbird email files.


Viewing Thunderbird mail files is now easy by just following the steps shown above. Make use of Thunderbird Viewer software and easily open Thunderbird mail file and read all emails from Thunderbird mail files with ease and safety.

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