Many users want to delete multiple emails from their Office365 account mailbox at once. But because of improper knowledge, users become unable to accomplish this job. So, here we will guide you to Remove Emails from Office 365 mailboxes in bulk.

Several users are using Office 365 cloud-based service of Microsoft. Office365 is the online version of the MS Office suite that enables users to access all Office applications from the web. Access to all Office suite applications- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc, users will get with an Office365 subscription.

Outlook 365 comes with an office365 subscription that enables users to handle emailing jobs. Users can use Outlook 365 to configure and access their email accounts. Outlook 365 service enables users to manage their email accounts and share several emails on daily bases.

With Office 365 subscription users get a cloud storage of limited size, where they can preserve all their profile data including the copies of emails that are shared with Outlook 365.

But sometimes these email copies become a problem for users and they require to remove them from Office 365 mailboxes.

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Method to Remove Emails from Office 365 Mailboxes in Bulk

Delete emails from single as well as multiple mail folders of Office 365 mailbox at once with eSoftTools Email Eraser software.

It performs the Office 365 account’s email deletion process with a simple process. Load all Office365 folders, choose specific folders, and remove emails from selected folders easily. Delete office365 emails with fewer efforts and without disturbing any additional data.

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How to delete emails from Office365 Mailbox with the Email Eraser tool?

  • Download, Install, and Launch the eSoftTools Email Eraser tool on a Windows computer.
  • From the first screen, select the Office365 option (available in the mail apps drop-down list).
  • Enter your Office365 account email address, click on Login, and sign in with your account.
  • Load all Offfice365 mailbox folders, and select mail folders (from which you want to delete emails).
  • After mail folder selection, choose a method for deletion of Office365 emails: –
    • Delete By Date: – choose email dates and remove emails of specific dates.
    • To: – Enter the email address in the “To” field and delete emails of the specified email address.
    • From: – Input email address “from” field email address and delete emails of the chosen email address.
    • Subject: – Add the subject of emails to remove emails having the specified subject.
    • Delete all emails with attachments: – Remove all emails with attachments from all selected Offie365 mail folders.
    • Delete only attachments: – remove only attachments of emails from specified mail folders.
    • Social media notification emails remove: – Choose social media app and enter their email address and remove notification emails of the specified email app.
    • Delete unread emails: – remove all unopened emails from selected mail folders.
    • Delete mail folders: – remove selected mail folders completely with their inner data.
  • Choose your desired mode of email deletion and click the Delete button.

By applying these steps, remove emails from Office 365 mailboxes in bulk with the assistance of this Email eraser tool.

Key Features of eSoftTools Email Eraser Software

  • Unneeded emails directly delete from Office365 mailbox folders with simple clicks.
  • Provides multiple ways to filter and delete Office365 emails: – By date, To, from, subject, delete unread emails, social media notification, and folder deletion.
  • Remove emails from selective one or more Office365 account mail folders at once.
  • With different mail filtering options, delete specific emails from the Office365 mailbox.
  • In addition to Office365, remove emails from all other IMAP-based mail clients, including- Gmail, Yahoo, ZOHO, AOL, Yandex, etc.
  • Simple and easily accessible interface to delete Office365 emails with little effort.
  • Accessible on every version of Windows, including- 11, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, and others.


In this blog post, we’ve described a straightforward yet efficient method to permanently remove emails from Office 365 mailboxes in bulk. We hope this blog will be helpful for users. Please get in touch with our technical support staff if you have any additional questions. Also, try the Email eraser tool with its demo edition and test all its functions for free.

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