Are you a user who wants to delete some emails from Want a reliable solution to perform this email erasing job in bulk, then be at this article. Here we will show you “How to permanently delete emails from Hotmail in bulk?”. ( is a web-based emailing service that is offered by Microsoft Corporation. Now a huge number of users in this world are using service for sharing emails. Users use Hotmail account with and share several emails on daily bases. 

All the copies of Hotmail account emails and other data information preserves on cloud servers. Accidentally users preserve some unnecessary emails in their Hotmail accounts. At a time, users will need to remove those emails from their Hotmail accounts for multiple reasons.

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Quick Solution to Remove Emails from Hotmail in Bulk

Deleting a large number of emails from Hotmail in a single process is a very challenging task. But with eSoftTools Email Eraser Software, users can now complete this job effortlessly.

This is a special program, that is built to perform this email-removing job from Hotmail and other cloud-based mail apps. This tool also allows users to Remove Emails from Hotmail in bulk. It can delete emails from selective single or multiple mail folders of a Hotmail account at once. Also, this software has multiple other advanced functions which help users in deleting unnecessary emails from their Hotmail account with ease.

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How to permanently delete emails from Hotmail with Email Eraser Tool?

Download and Install eSoftTools Email Eraser Software in your windows computer and follow the below given steps: –

  • Launch Email Eraser Software and choose “Hotmail” from the mail apps list.
  • Enter your Hotmail account email address, and password and hit the Login button.
  • Load all mail folders of the Hotmail account and choose the needed folders.
  • After mail folder selection, select a method of deleting emails from these options-
    • Delete By Date Range: – remove emails of some selective dates.
    • To: – delete emails associated with the specific “To” filed address.
    • From: – remove emails of chosen email address of emails “From” field.
    • Subject: – Erase emails of a specific subject from Hotmail account.
    • Delete all emails with attachments: – remove all emails with attachments from chosen Hotmail account mail folders.
    • Delete only attachments from emails: – erase attachments from emails of chosen mail folders.
    • Social media notification emails delete: – remove social media notification emails from chosen mail folders.
    • Delete only unread emails: – erase unread emails from selected mail folders.
    • Delete folders (including emails and attachments): – remove selected mail folders completely.
  • Finally, hit the Delete button and start removing emails from the Hotmail mail account.


Many users can access their Hotmail account with to send/receive emails. also preserves copies of all Hotmail account emails on cloud servers. These email copies sometimes create several problems for users. In that kind of situation, users need to remove emails from the Hotmail/ account.

The best solution to complete this job of removing Hotmail emails in bulk we have explained in this article. Use the email Eraser tool and get accurate results by applying the method shown above.

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