Several users want to remove emails from Horde Webmail profiles for multiple reasons. If you are also one of them and enjoy an innovative solution for this job, get your answer here. This article will explain the method to Delete Emails from Horde Webmail in Batch mode.

Nowadays all users prefer to promote their business online through websites. In addition to websites, users also create business email accounts that they host with websites. From hosting servers users get the ability to access their email account with the Horde Webmail app. 

This application works similarly to other web-based mail applications and enables users to save all user’s profile data on their hosting servers. Each sent or received email from the user’s email account Horde Webmail preserve in the hosting server. 

In some conditions, users require to remove some emails from their Horde webmail. The reason can be, free up some space from the server, duplicate email deletion, or others.

One by one deleting unwanted from Horde webmail is time taking process. As a result, some users require to method to delete unwanted emails from Horde webmail in bulk.

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Delete Emails from Horde Webmail in Batch mode

Users who want to remove emails from Horde Webmail must use the utility called eSoftTools Email Eraser software. With this tool, users can swiftly remove unnecessary emails from webmail account mail folders at once.

Through this tool, users can remove emails from Webmail accounts that are hosted on any hosting server. It enables users to delete emails from some selective folders of Horde webmail account. It also offers several smart options to delete unwanted Webmail emails with easy steps.

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How to use eSoftTools Horde Webmail Email Eraser Software?

Apply the following steps to delete emails from Horde Webmail profile emails with eSoftTools Email Eraser tool: – 

  • Download, Install, and Launch eSoftTools Email Eraser Software.
  • Choose the webmail option from the available mail apps list.
  • Enter your Webmail account login details- Email Address, password, port, and hostname.
  • Press the Login button and load all mail folders of your Webmail account.
  • Make a selection of required folders from the list of Webmail account mail folders.
  • After the mail folder selection apply other required options and settings: – 
    • Delete By Date Range:- choose date of emails to remove emails of some specific dates.
    • To: – Enter the email address of “To” field and remove emails of only specified email addresses.
    • From: – Provides an email address in “From” field and remove emails of the specified from field’s email address.
    • Subject: – add an email subject and delete emails that has the specified subjects.
    • Delete all Emails with attachments: – Delete all emails with their associated attachments from all selected folders.
    • Delete only attachments from emails:- Remove attachments of emails from the specified mail folders.
    • Social media notification emails delete: – Choose social media app and Input their email address to remove their associated emails from selected mail folders. 
    • Delete only unread emails: – from chosen folder remove only unread emails.
    • Delete Folder (including emails and attachments):- remove selected mail folders with their inner elements completely.
  • In the final step, press the Delete button and start deleting unwanted emails.


A large number of users want to delete unwanted emails from their Horde webmail profiles. Those users also want to remove some selective emails in a single process. The best solution to complete this job, we have explained in this article. Now use the eSoftTools Email Eraser Software and get the ability to Delete Emails from Horde Webmail in Batch mode.

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