Want to download emails from your Gmail account and save them in HTML files? If yes, then get your answer by reading this article. Here we will show the best method to safely Export/backup Gmail emails to HTML files.

Gmail is one of the web-based applications which is offered by the brand Google. This application allows users to manage emails account and perform email-sharing tasks. A very huge number of users are using this service for emailing.

It provides an interface that any person can access with ease. Also, it offers several smart features to perform the emailing process in a much more reliable manner. It is a completely secure application to share emails that’s why it has gained the huge trust of users.

Gmail provides the facility of saving users’ email profile data on cloud servers and enables users to access emails from web browsers. In several situations, users require to extract Gmail account emails and save them to their local drive.

Most users who want to save their emails locally, prefer saving their emails in HTML files. There can be various reasons behind this.

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Benefits of saving Gmail Emails to HTML files –

  • By saving Gmail emails as HTML files users get the facility to preserve and access their Gmail account emails locally.
  • In offline mode, users can access Gmail account emails by all web browsers by saving emails in Gmail emails in HTML files.
  • HTML is a universal file format and is supported by different applications of multiple devices.

Direct Method to Export/Backup Gmail Emails to HTML Files

With a simple process extract emails from your Gmail account and save them as HTML files using eSoftTools Gmail Backup software. In simple clicks, export emails from your Gmail account with all their relevant information.

Export Gmail emails to HTML files with all meta details like0 To, From, BCC, CC, subject, message body, and other information. Download emails from all or specific mail folders of the Gmail/Google Workspace account with a single process. Also, get several more advanced functions in the software to perform the Gmail email backup process with ease.

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How to Download Gmail account emails as HTML files with Gmail Backup software?

Apply the below-given steps to extract and save Gmail account emails as HTML files: –

  • Download, Install, and Launch eSoftTools Gmail Backup Software.
  • Enter your Gmail account email address and third-party app password.
  • After entering Gmail account details press the Login button.
  • Load all Gmail account mail folders and choose the needed folders.
  • Choose the Save in HTML option from the export options list.
  • Select a location for saving resultant HTML files from your local drive.
  • Apply mail filter by date and naming convention option.
  • Press the Save Backup button and export Gmail emails to HTML files.

Key Features of eSoftTools Gmail Email Backup software –

  • Backup emails from Gmail/Google Workspace account to HTML files.
  • Download Gmail emails to HTML files with all attachments and other information.
  • Save emails with header details like- TO, From, Subject, CC, BCC, Date, etc.
  • Export emails from the entire mailbox as well as the specific folders of Gmail account.
  • Get the power to export Gmail emails of a specific date range with a mail filter option.
  • Offers naming convention option with different saving options to provide custom names to resultant HTML files.
  • Allow users to choose their desired location for saving downloaded HTML files.
  • Also, offers several more file types for saving Gmail account emails like- PST, EML, EMLX, MHTML, MBOX, NSF, PDF, and more.
  • Supports working on all editions of Windows including- Win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and others.
  • Available with a free demo edition to download up to 25 emails from each selected Gmail account’s mail folder free of cost.


Through this article, we have talked about the easiest method for taking a Backup of IMAP Emails to local drive in HTML files. Easily a user can follow the above-given steps to export/backup Gmail Emails to HTML files. Also, users can try the free demo edition of Gmail Backup tool to test all its function before purchasing its paid license.

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