Deleting some emails from Yahoo Mail accounts forever is the need of many people. If you are also in that group of people, get your best solution here. In this article, we will show you how to permanently delete emails from Yahoo Mail. Let’s start.

Yahoo Mail is one of the cloud-based services offered by the Yahoo brand. With Yahoo Mail users get the facility to perform emailing tasks from a web browser.

Yahoo stores all mail folders containing the entire email of a user’s email profile in its cloud servers.

Sharing emails every day sometimes puts users in a situation where they have to deal with unnecessary emails. Those email users want to delete but are unable to do so due to various reasons.

Opening emails one by one and deleting them individually is a time-consuming process, and deleting all emails or mail folders may result in the loss of important emails.

For this reason, users need a solution by which they can filter their emails and delete only specific emails permanently.

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Why delete emails permanently from a Yahoo Mail account?

  • Privacy and Security: – To protect sensitive or important information available in emails from unauthorized access, users must permanently delete them from their email accounts.
  • Storage Space: – Yahoo Mail provides storage space on cloud servers. To manage this storage space, users need to free it up by deleting emails from time to time.
  • Organize emails: – Users may face many problems in using an email account with a large number of emails. Deleting unnecessary or old emails makes it easier for users to organize and find emails.

Users query

I have a Yahoo mail account that I created 5 years ago. With this email account, I have subscribed to various services. But now I have around 25,000+ emails in this email account. Many of these emails are spam and unnecessary to me. This email account is very important to me and I need to free this email account from all unwanted emails. Can anyone help me permanently delete these emails from my Yahoo mail account?

Solution to Permanently Delete Emails from Yahoo Mail

Removing several emails from a Yahoo Mail account in a single process without any faults is possible with eSoftTools Email Eraser Software. This is the program that every user should for remove unnecessary emails from Yahoo Mail account.

It will allow you to remove unwanted emails from different mail folders of your Yahoo Mail account. For removing specific emails, it offers different email filter options. By selecting dates, years, sizes, email addresses, and many other options, users can remove selective emails from their Yahoo Mail accounts.

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How to remove emails from Yahoo Mail with Email Eraser software?

  • Download and launch eSoftTools Email Eraser Software for Windows.
  • Add Yahoo Mail account email address and third-party app password.
  • Press the Login button to sign in to the software and load all mail folders.
  • Choose required folders and apply email deleting filters.
  • After applying all required settings, press the Delete button and remove emails.

Smart Features of eSoftTools Yahaoo Mail Email Eraser software –

  • Permanently Delete Emails: – Use this utility to permanently delete all or specific emails from a Yahoo Mail account simultaneously. Delete all unwanted emails from your Yahoo Mail account and free up your account.
  • Delete Emails from all cloud mail apps: – Delete emails from Yahoo Mail as well as other cloud mail apps like- Office365, Gmail,, AOL Mail, and others using this single software.
  • Remove emails from selective folders: – Select the mail folders you want to delete emails from. Select mail folders and delete emails from selected folders only.
  • Apply filters to delete specific emails: – Delete specific emails from Yahoo Mail using various mail filtering options. Filter email by date, from, to, cc, bcc, subject, attachments, social media email address, etc.
  • Clean and easily useable interface: – It has a graphical interface that is easy to operate. All types of individuals can easily use this tool and get the best results for the task of deleting emails from cloud mail apps.
  • Windows Compatibility: – Users can run this tool on any version of Windows. It will work on computers with Windows OS (up to Windows 11) without causing any problems.


Managing emails is important to keep your email account organized and secure. Above we have shared the method by which you can delete emails from Yahoo Mail account efficiently and permanently. Use this method and easily delete unwanted Yahoo Mail emails with email eraser software.

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