How to Fix Issue “Outlook Slow to Open Attachments”?

Are you one of the people who is suffering from the problem of “Opening Attachments in Outlook is Slow”. If this is your case, then you are at the right place. After facing the same problem we have decided to provide knowledge to every related to this problem. In this blog post, we tell you “what to do in this situation?”, and how we can solve this problem of “Outlook is Slow to Open Attachments”.

Attachment is an important thing that we generally use for sharing our vital data/documents. As an attachment, we can share all images, doc, excel sheets, archives, and various other items. All email client provides the function to send emails with attachments and Outlook is one of them. Outlook allows sending emails with attachments as well as receive emails with attachments. In some cases, users need to access these email attachments but they are unable to do that because of the slow process of Opening Attachments in Outlook.

Now let’s find out the reasons getting this error in MS Outlook.

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Reasons for the Issue “Outlook Slow to Open Attachments”:-

  • Updates in Outlook:- Using any lower version of Outlook like- 2007, 2003, 2000, or below version at this time.
  • Limited Storage Space for Outlook:- Lower storage space or if the user has fixed a smaller size for Outlook application.
  • Third-Party add-ins in Outlook:- Additionally installed add-ons of Outlook another one cause for this problem
  • Antivirus program blocking:- In some cases Antivirus program also denies users to access attachments from Outlook emails.
  • Corrupt Outlook Profile or Data File:- Due to corruption errors in the Outlook profile or Outlook data file, makes problem in Outlook while opening attachments.

Any one of the above-mentioned reasons can be a cause in your case when you unable to open attachments of Outlook emails. It is a normal problem with Outlook, but in some cases, it can also harm your attachments file. So users have to fix this error immediately.

Now lets see what are the fixes for this problem with Outlook of opening attachements.

How to Fix Issue “Outlook Slow to Open Attachments”?

Some of the instant & free tricks is available for users to resolve the problem of slow opening Outlook attachments:-

  1. Update Outlook:-
  2. Check Outlook folders size:-
  3. Use Outlook in safe mode:-
  4. Disable Antivirus programs:-
  5. Repair corrupt Outlook data file:-

Best Solution to fix corrupt PST for Opening Attachments Items

If you are facing a problem with Outlook attachments because of corruption in PST files, then our recommendation makes Automated Outlook Recovery Software. For fixing corrupt PST files and removing all its corruption error user can try the Best Outlook Recovery Software of eSoftTools. With the assistance of this utility, the user can easily repair corrupt PST files. The best part of this automated software is, it doesn’t require any highly advanced skills to make the recovery process. In addition after recovery, the process users can convert PST files with all attachment items into numerous file types.



For fixing the issue of “Outlook Slow to Open Attachments” problem we have mentioned various different techniques in the above blog. Users can try any of the solution to fix Outlook attachments opening delay problem. Most times user faces this error only because of Corrupt Outlook data files. So our recommendation is give a try to the fastest eSoftTools Outlook Recovery software. It will allow you to make Outlook data recovery process in a much easy manner.

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