Are you a person who wants to Import Outlook Contacts to Android smartphone? If you have tried various methods to perform this task, but are unable to get the expected results, then this blog is the place for you where you will get a solution. Here we will provide the best answer to the question “How to Transfer/Import Outlook Contacts to Android Phone?”

Users of MS Outlook also get the facility of saving and managing contacts in addition to emailing function. Both individuals, as well as large companies, use this contact-saving feature of MS Outlook. When a user creates or adds any contact, Outlook automatically saves it in PST files.  

Managing contacts is easy with MS Outlook desktop application. But in certain situations, users need to access these Outlook contacts with their smartphone. In this case, a user searches for the queries “How to Import Outlook Contacts to Android Phone?”. 

If the same is your query, then you don’t need to worry because here we will provide you solution. Before this, first, let’s check some of the reasons or importing Outlook contacts to Android.

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Reasons to Import Contacts from Outlook to Android Phone

  • First users need to start their PC, then Outlook, and after this, they will get access to their contacts. This is a very time taking process due to this users need to import outlook contacts to android phones with a quick process.
  • With Outlook users can access their contacts when they are on their machine. On the other hand with a mobile phone accessing/managing contacts becomes easier from any location.
  • In a case, where Outlook data files are in corruption state users need to Export/Extract contacts from PST files to their Android devices.

User’s Query

User 1:- I am an Outlook user for the past 7 years. I have saved a huge amount of data in my Outlook profile. In addition to the important emails, I have also saved all my business contacts in Outlook. But by saving data in very I am now facing a different kind of problem in my Outlook profile. Now I want to Export Contacts from Outlook to my android phone. Can anyone help me for doing this process?

User 2:- Till January 2021, I have used MS Outlook for managing my business contacts. But managing contacts from a desktop is difficult for me. So now I am using my mobile phone to do this process. Some of my important contacts are in My Outlook profile that I want to add to my android. Please suggest to me a method to import Outlook contacts to an android phone with easy steps.

How to Transfer/Import Outlook Contacts to Android? Easy trick

The easiest technique is to quickly import Outlook contacts to Android phones is to extract Outlook contacts and save them as vCard files. Manually it is possible but users can each contact in a single process. It is a lengthy process and the user can face difficulty while using this method.

So we recommend using automatic eSoftTools Outlook Recovery/Converter software to Convert Outlook PST to vCard files with contacts. This is the best way to export multiple contacts from Outlook PST file to vCard in a single process. Also, this is the option if you want to export contacts from encrypted/corrupt or inaccessible PST files. 

By applying some simple steps it easily extracts PST contacts and allows to save them in vCard, CSV, MSG, and various other formats.

Below mentioned are two steps that users have to apply to import Outlook contacts to vCard file.

Step-1 Export Outlook Contacts to and Save to vCard For Android

  • Download, then launch the eSoftTools Outlook Recovery/Converter Software in your machine.
  • Hit the Select PST button from the welcome screen of this software for adding PST files to extract Outlook contacts.
  • From the next screen click on Select File or Search Outlook Mailbox button to import PST files in the software for conversion.
  • After selecting the PST file from its location click on Start Scanning Process button to extract and load inner folder and elements from PST files.
  • Check the preview of all contacts from PST file in software and make selection of Contact folder and then click on Save PST button.
  • Now choose the Export to vCard option to save Outlook contacts in vCard (vcf) files for android.
  • Hit on Browse to select the location to save the resultant file and hit on convert to start the process of PST to vCard conversion with all Outlook contacts.

Step- 2 Import vCard contacts in Android phone

  1. On your Android smartphone, open Contacts.
  2. Now click on the Menu option or Three dot icon 
  3. After this choose the Import/Export option.
  4. Select Import from vCard option file option and select the vCard (that has your Outlook contacts) from its location.
  5. Start the contacts importing process from vCard files into your android smartphone.


Most Outlook users require to transfer contacts from their Outlook profile to their Android phone. For this, the PST to vCard file conversion process with all contacts is the best option. To do this with ease in the above sections we have provided the best-automated software. Users can take the help of this Outlook Recover/Converter software to quickly Export their Outlook Contact to Android vCard as well as other file formats like- MSG, new PST, and more. get a free demo edition of this tool to know more.

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