How to Import MBOX to G-Suite Google WorkSpace?

Gmail is the most convenient and reliable emailing application which is provided by Google. Mostly every person in this world now using this service. With the great success of Gmail now google has launched another service known as G-Suite/Google Workspace.

G-Suite of Google is for users who want to configure their business email account in Gmail. Nowadays desktop-based applications are losing their popularity and mostly every user prefers using cloud applications. 

Due to this reason, most companies are now switching from desktop-based email clients as well as their individual Gmail account to Gsuite or Google WorkSpace. 

Below mentioned are some of the user’s queries who are in the same situation and need to Import MBOX files to Google WorkSpace.

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User’s Query

User 1:- A month ago I have moved my business to the Internet by my own website. With the website, I also got a business mail from my hosting provider. I am using this business email account with Google workspace. But before this for sending and receiving emails I have used my personal Gmail account. Now I want to Export these emails from my Gmail account to my Google WorkScape/Gsuite account. Can anyone help to do this process?

User 2:- To manage my business email account I have used Horde and Roundcube like webmail applications. But recently I have switched to Google WorkSpace and configured my business email account. Now I want to transfer some of my import mailbox data from my previously used WebMail apps to my GSuite account. I have extracted all email folders from Roundcube and Horde. Please help to Import these MBOX files to G-suite.

Straight-Forwardly Import MBOX file to Google WorkSpace/G-Suite

An automated process that is available for users to directly Import MBOX files directly to Google WorkSpace/G-Suite is using the eSoftTools MBOX Converter Software. This tool is the best option for users who needs to transfer email folders from MBOX file to Google WorkSpace emails. This single tool can allow to Export data from MBOX to both individuals Gmail as well as business email accounts of G-suite. 

All users can take the help of this tool to export multiple MBOX files to Gmail/Gsuite with a single process. In addition to export emails of some specific dates, the software offers the mail filtering option. With this mail filter option, you can select the start and end dates to select required and can transfer them directly to G-Suite with no problem.

Below mentioned are the complete steps that the user can follow with help of MBOX Converter to Import MBOX files directly to G-Suite.

How to Import MBOX to G-Suite Google WorkSpace? Step By Step

Before Proceeding with the below-mentioned steps, firstly Export and Save all your mail folders in MBOX files from your previously used email clients or Webmail applications. Also, Enable IMAP Setting and Turn On Less Secure Apps option in your Gsuite/Google WorkSpace Accout.

  • Download, install and Run eSoftTools MBOX Converter Software to a windows based machine.


  • After launching the software in your computer, from the first screen click on Add File/Folder button.
MBOX Converter
  • In the next screen choose an option for adding MBOX file in the software from the options Select MBOX file or Select MBOX Folder. After file selection simply hit on Next.
MBOX File/folder selection
  • Now start the scanning process to load all inner items and folders from MBOX file in the software panel.
View MBOX file emails
  • Make a selection of required folders and hit on Import to Cloud button for the menubar of the software. Then from the drop-down list of cloud migration option select the Import to Gmail/G-Suite option.
Import MBOX to Office365
  • Now click on Import MBOX to G-Suite/Gogle Workspace option and fill your account details in the respective fields. After this, press the authenticate button for account authentication.
Import MBOX to Office365
  • Apply mail filter option (as per requirement). Finally hit on Import to G-Suite Account button to begin the Import process of MBOX files/folders to Google WorkSpace account.


Multiple startups as well as large-scale companies are now switching or want to switch their business emails to Google Workspace/Gsuite. A new user can configure their account in G-suite easily. But in the case where users need to migrate to Gsuite with their previous data, the above-mentioned technique can help them. By following the complete steps a user can easily import MBOX files to G-suite/Google WorkSpace account without facing any problem. Download and try the software to check the more advanced function of this MBOX Converter software now.


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