Want to Export Roundcube account emails to Thunderbird local mail folders? If yes, then with this write up get the best solution for doing this job swiftly. Read this article to know How to Export Emails from Roundcube to Thunderbird profile?

Nowadays, every person is familiar with cloud and web-based applications. For this reason, a very huge number of users are using web applications.

Roundcube is also a web-based program, which enables users to perform emailing tasks. Simply a user can install the Roundcube app on their hosting server and conveniently use it for business as well as personal emailing.

A Roundcube account users can access from different locations & devices at a particular time.

But the problem with the Roundcube webmail app is the internet. For accessing the Roundcube account users must have an internet connection on their device.

Sometimes, the absence of the internet makes users unable to access the emails of Roundcube accounts from their devices.

As a result, users require to save their Roundcube account emails to their local drive.

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Why Export Roundcube emails to Thunderbird?

For accessing Roundcube account emails an internet connection on users’ devices is mandatory. On other hand, Thunderbird mail client supports saving users’ emails locally without internet or server connectivity.

By moving Roundcube emails to Thunderbird local folders, users get the ability to access their emails in offline mode.  

Solution to Export Emails from Roundcube to Thunderbird Profile

The best way for directly exporting Roundcube emails to Thunderbird local folders is eSoftTools Roundcube Webmail Email backup software. Using this utility users can simply take a Backup of the Roundcube emails to their local drive. Users can download Roundcube emails and easily preserve them as PST, PDF, MSG, MBOX, EML, EMLx, HTML, MHTML, and more.

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How to Export Emails from Roundcube account to Thunderbird local folder?

Download, and install eSoftTools Roundcube email backup software and follow the steps shown below for exporting emails to Thunderbird mail folders.

  • Launch Roundcube Backup Software and enter your account details.
    (Enter your Email Address, Password, Host Name & Port)
  • After providing Roundcube account details click the Login button.
  • Load all mail folders of your account and make a selection of needed folders.
  • Next, choose “Save in Thunderbird” from the export options list.
  • Select and apply the mail filter by date option. (Only use if you have a requirement).
  • Lastly, hit the Save Backup button and start exporting emails.

Apply these steps and begin the process of transferring emails from Roundcube to Thunderbird mail folders on your local drive.

Smart Features of Roundcube Webmail Email Backup Software

  • Extract and save Roundcube webmail account emails to Thunderbird local folders.
  • Preserve Roundcube account emails as Thunderbird mail files and several more file types like- PST, EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML, MHTML, MBOX, & PDF.
  • Download emails from selective folders of the Roundcube mail account easily.
  • In addition to Roundcube, by using this same software users can export emails from Horde Webmail and Squirrelmail.
  • Supports mail filtering by date to extract emails of a specific date range.
  • Provides Naming convention option to provide a custom name to resultant files.
  • Auto-detect Thunderbird profile default storage location to save Roundcube emails.
  • Works on all new to older editions of windows O/S including- win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, and below editions.
  • Comes with a free trial edition facility to export up to 20 emails from each selected folder of the Roundcube account.


For locally preserving and accessing Roundcube emails, users want to perform the task of Exporting Roundcube emails to Thunderbird. With this article, we have shown the direct method to accomplish this task. Now take the help of the solution that we have shown above and get the best results.

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