How to Convert Contacts List from Excel to vCard or .vcf file?

Last updated on September 27th, 2021 at 02:56 pm

Microsoft Excel is a widely used program by multiple large enterprises and also by every individual user to store their important information. But in some cases, the Excel sheet becomes unable to reliably access or share your data/contacts to another platform like- android, iPhone, Outlook, etc.

There is no built-in program or utility is available in MS Excel to import contacts through because Excel file doesn’t get supported through all of these platforms.

So, to transfer Excel contacts into other platforms, users require converting Contacts List from Excel to vCard or .vcf file. This blog will guide you with some best techniques to convert an Excel to a workable .vcf file.

Introduction about vCard along with its benefits

vCard (VCF) is a file format that permits users to create, store, and share contact information over the Internet like- email messages and instant messaging in a safe and reliable manner.

It contains all profile and contact data like- name, phone number, address, photo, email address, URLs, Logos, etc. The vCard file format gets great support through all devices, email clients, email services, and also with all cloud services.

vCard is a safe program to easily transfer all contacts and other related information to Outlook, Android Phone, iPhone, Gmail, Whatsapp, etc but the Excel file doesn’t have those features. So to make shareable your Excel contacts User have to convert Contact list from Excel to vCard


The procedure to perform the conversion of Excel contacts to vCard file format by using manual method is consists of 3 parts. The First step is “Excel to CSV migration”, then “Import Contacts through CSV file” and after that “Export contacts to vCard file”.

So, make sure that you follow the below steps to convert contacts contact lists from excel to vCard or .vcf file:

Step 1: Excel to CSV Conversion

  1. Open the Excel XLSX/XLS file
  2. Click office icon then select save as and now click at other formats
  3. Now, you need to select the location and file type as CSV (Comma delimited)(*.CSV) & click on Save button.
  4. If the workbook consists of multiple sheets, a message would appear. You now need to click OK to save the sheet.
  5. Another message gets displayed. Now, click at the yes button to leave the workbook in the same format.

Step 2: Import Contacts through CSV File

  1. You need to press the Windows icon button on your computer & then type contacts in the search box
  2. Click over the Import tab through the Contacts Window
  3. Now, in the Import to Windows Contacts wizard & then select CSV File & then import the file.
  4. Click Browse to locate the .csv file created in part 1.
  5. Choose .csv file & then click Next
  6. Now, you need to map the contacts fields & then click at the finish button.

Step 3: Export Contacts to vCard

  1. Again you need to go to the contacts window and then select all the contacts you want to export to VCF File format. After that simply click at the Export tab.
  2. In the Export Windows Contacts Wizard, make sure you select vCard (folder of .vcf files)
  3. Finally, you need to click over at the Export button. Ensure that you select the right location to save .vcf file & click OK.

So, in this way, you can manually convert contacts list from Excel to vCard or .vcf file.

Why Manual Method is not suitable for Every Users?

  • It is a very lengthy procedure since it requires a lot of time for the user.
  • Not suitable for moving a large amount of database.
  • Sometimes it may completely damage the Database.
  • It does not involve data protection with your details & information.

Specialized Solution to Convert Contacts List from Excel to vCard or .vcf file

There is also a third-party solution available that is helpful to save your time as well as helps to perform the task of converting Contacts List from Excel to .vcf File with protecting your entire database.

To Convert contact list from Excel to vCard or .vcf file simply Download this recommended solution eSoftTools Excel to vCard Converter Software


So, you need not worry about anything when you perform conversion with this tool name as eSoftTools Excel to vCard Converter Software.


It is better to go with the solution that provides a guarantee about your data safe with all your details & information & is time-saving along. With a Third-Party tool, you can convert your file within just a span of time. So, you need to make the right decision to perform the excel file to vCard conversion.

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