How to Backup IBM Notes NSF File to Hard Drive?

A user may access his emails online as well as offline mode while working upon Lotus Notes. With its various features, IBM Notes turns out to be one of the most popular email clients. However, the database of Lotus Notes is very limited in size. If the mailbox exceeds its size limit then a user would not be able to access his data easily. So, it is important to backup IBM Notes NSF file database, to avoid any data corruption or inaccessibility of the database.

Multiple users may backup data in Lotus Notes with the help of the archive folder. It turns out to be effectively helpful to manage the size of the mailbox.

There are multiple other ways to save data through IBM Notes to desktop except this method too.

So, before proceeding with the procedure to Backup IBM Notes NSF File you require taking a review over some reasons that make a user download the data.

Why Users have to Backup IBM Notes Emails?

  • Sometimes, a user turns out to be unable to access his database because of the application issues. Then during that time, it is really necessary to save emails over the local machine like a backup.
  • The database of IBM Notes is very limited in size and when the size limit gets exceeded, it turns the data inaccessible. So, if the users save IBM Notes email to desktop then, it becomes an easy task to access the data.
  • If the organization uses Lotus Notes email client wishes to migrate the data to another email application, then they would perform the conversion procedure. When you export the data, if somehow a user loses his data then he/she may get back the entire mailbox with the help of the backup.
  • It includes a possibility to retain the data through backup at the time of data theft or corruption.

Methods to Backup IBM Notes

Archive IBM Notes Emails

A simple way to backup IBM Lotus Notes email is available in Notes itself i.e. the Archiving process. Users may archive Lotus Notes emails and save them to the system with the same .nsf file extension.

  1. Start the IBM Notes application. Over the menu bar, click on the “Actions” tab, and select “Archive” then click on “creates criteria”.

  2. On the “Create Archive Criteria” window, make sure to enter the name of the Archive folder under the “Descriptive name of these Archive criteria option”.

  3. Now Click on the “Enable this criteria” checkbox and then click over the “selection criteria” option tab.

  4. Select the NSF Files along with their folders and then click OK.

  5. You may change the default location of the archive file under “copy documents into my archive application here”.

  6. Then you require cleaning the application so, go to the “schedule tab” over the Archive application here. Then decide the days and time for archiving.

  7. The last step occurs out to move to the actions tab over the menu bar and select the Archive and then Archive Now option.

  8. The archiving would get started.


Save Notes Emails to EML/HTML/PDF Format

This method may be used to save selected emails through Notes NSF File to another perticular file formats like EML, HTML, or PDF over your system drives. Here is the process:

  1. Begin with the IBM Notes Application. And then move all the emails for the backup to a separate folder.
  2. Now, you need to drag and drop the emails through the application to a system folder. The emails would get saved with .eml files & then you require collecting them in a separate folder like a backup.
  3. If you wish to save these EML Files in an HTML Format then go to your outlook application and then open these EML Files there. Now, you need to select these files and move to file and then save as and select the option HTML so as to save it in HTML Format.
  4. It is really easy to save the HTML Files to PDF Format after opening up the HTML Files with the word application. In an opened word documents, you simply require going the file and then save as option and then select the .pdf format to save the HTML Files.

It is one of the most important decisions to opt for the best method for making a backup of the NSF file database Since it will shape your business.

So, you got to know about the Archiving features that save NSF Data however do not assure.

The above mentioned explained methods are the ones that are free of cost and take a lot of time. They are not even quality assured methods to back up the NSF files. It does not assure your data safety after the backup or conversion.

However, Also, it is time-consuming and even if you skip a single step then you need to follow the whole procedure again. So, it ultimately kills your time, energy, and efforts.

The instant solution to Backup IBM Notes NSF File?

You must opt for Automated Solution which is one of the best in terms of data safety, security, time-consumption. The Name of the Software is eSoftTools NSF to PST Converter Software.

It is one such method that helps to store the NSF file database into several small-small files to make its Backup. So, make sure that you opt for this amazing Automated Solution. Since it holds multiple benefits and is a third-party solution wherein the company does each and everything for your NSF File data security.


All the native solutions for NSF backup are basically indirect and require technical knowledge for the user so they pose a risk of data loss.

The Automated Solution of eSoftTools is one of the best solutions that effectively help to make NSF file backup in the right manner.

This blog could have helped you to choose the best solution and to save your backup perfectly well. You need not worry about anything since you are already landing up over the best platform.

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