How To Remove Excel file Opening Password?

Last updated on February 12th, 2022 at 11:03 am

Many users encrypt their excel files with a password to secure their important data. Sometimes a situation arises when a user wants to remove password protection from an Excel file. But in this scenario, the user doesn’t have the exact knowledge for doing this password decrypting process. So here, we are going to discuss “How to Remove Excel file Opening Password”.

How to remove password from excel file without knowing password?

In such cases, you have forgotten your excel file password. This mishandling will ultimately lead to removing the excel file opening password. It becomes troublesome to trace the password and the last option that remains is to go with a third-party tool to make the Excel password recovery process. For this problem eSoftTools has designed a program called Excel Password Remover.

Stage 1:- Recover Lost Excel File Password with eSoftTools

  • Click the “Open” button and select the Excel file.
  • Select any Recovery attack from the provided options like- Brute Force, Dictionary, or Mask Attack
  • Now click on the Recover Button and start the password recovery process.
  • The process is completed. and now you will see the excel file password Now utilize .

Stage 2:- Remove opening password from Excel file password

  • Open the password-protected excel file and put the recovered password in it and click OK.
  • Now click on File tab and then click on Info.
  • Click on Protect Work and from the drop-down list select the Encrypt with Password option.
  • Simply delete the password and leave this and leave this field empty.
  • Press the Ctrl + S to save the file and exit.

Now again open the file and you will see that the password protection is now removed from the Excel file.


Users should use the eSoftTools Excel Password Recovery Software that offers users techniques to recover and remove excel file passwords with the assurance of no data damage in the excel file. It is a 100% guaranteed tool for removing Excel file opening passwords. A FREE DEMO is also provided for each user to break password protection and recover the first 3-character of your password without spending any cost.

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