There are enough errors that are often faced by Outlook users which makes it impossible to send/receive emails from their Outlook Account. Outlook “not implemented” is one of the errors that take place when a user Sends, Receives a message. This type of error emerges on the screen with a message saying: “Not Implemented”. It means the user cannot send or receive emails. So now the question is how to get normal functioning of outlook and get rid of this error?

Here users can solve these types of errors traditionally and with automatic methods too. But before going to solution let’s have a look at the common reasons for the error.


Causes of outlook error: Not Implemented

  • Improper Integration of Outlook with Anti-virus program.
  • Installed Add-in in Outlook.
  • Outlook Send/Receive Settings file damaged.
  • MS Outlook not installed properly.

  • Corrupt Outlook PST file.


Solutions to Fix MS Outlook “Not Implemented” Error


Solution 1:- Disable Antivirus Program

Thus having Antivirus Program is important but sometimes an antivirus application is configured to scan any email that is sent by you or received in your inbox. This scanning process can delay or hang up the process of sending and receiving email messages. Hence, it is advised to disable antivirus.


Solution 2:- Disable Installed Add-Ins  


Open Outlook in Safe Mode to check for issues that are caused by add-ins. If Outlook works appropriately properly in Safe Mode, then disable add-ins from the Outlook.

  1. In Outlook, go to File > Option and select the Add-ins tab.
  2. Click on the Go button; a new pop-up dialog box will open.
  3. Disable one plug-in at a time.
  4. Restart the Outlook application.
  5. Finally, check for the issue solved or not.


Solution 3:- Recreate Send/Receive Setting file


Step 1: Go to C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook\ location.

Step 2: Look for the SRS file.

Step 3: Rename the SRS file to something like ‘Outlook.srs.old’. Once you restart the Outlook, a new SRS file will be created automatically.


Solution 4:- Repair MS Outlook Installation


Problems within the MS Outlook installation might solve this error. Thus, reinstalling outlook can help you out.

  • Open Control Panel and select “Uninstall Programs”
  • Select Microsoft Outlook and click the “Change” button.


Solution 5:- Use PST Repair Tool 


Use Outlook Inbox Repair Tool – ScanPST.exe

ScanPST.exe is an inbuilt feature that can find and fix minor issues in the Outlook PST file. You can find this tool in the Office installation folder. It is a  tool for resolving errors related to PST when nothing else works. Steps to perform operation:-

  1. Open scanpst.exe
  2. Browse for the .pst files and click Next.
  3. The tool will now check for consistency.
  4. If any inconstancies are found, then click Repair.
  5. Open the Outlook and try to access the repaired file.

    If the tool fails to deliver results it means the PST file is severely damaged.


Solution 6:- Automated Method 


So, If none of the above methods are working then we recommend using the eSoftTools OST Recovery tool which can scan the repositories to replace corrupt and missing files. It is the best tool to resolve the error this solution is effectively helping to save time. It ensures data protection while fixing up the error that has been detected the best benefit you get with this solution is that each & everything would be done by the tool with full safety as well as security while keeping your details & information anonymous. This solution saves your time & provides you with the best solution so that you may run your file easily. So, you get the quality service & on-time.


Hope one of the above-mentioned solutions can help you overcome the Outlook error code “not implemented”. If these traditional methods don’t work, you can rely on tried and tested reliable eSoftTools tools. Even one can try a free trial version.


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