An Overview of OST files: –

Microsoft exchange server helps you to store information of all the mailboxes which are synchronized with it. At the time of synchronization, an offline backup file of the single user mailbox is created at the client’s site. This offline backup file helps the user to access information which is already synced in the system. The extension of this file is .ost and here OST stands for “Offline Storage Table”. It is the exact duplicate of the personal mailbox with e-mails, contacts, calendars, etc. Also, Exchange Server as a cached mode wherein this OST file gets refreshed on connection establishment wit the server and all the updates of the mailbox get stored in it. This provides an edge to exchange users as the user doesn’t need to set send and receive groups manually. It doesn’t require to select the folders again and again while working offline.

What are the Features of OST file?

An OST file consists of a clone of the mailbox of one user account. The items which are stored in that file depends on the type of account from which it is synchronized. There are two types of accounts named as Exchange account and IMAP account.

Exchange Account: –

The Exchange Account has only cached data which is saved in the exchange server. The items which are included in the OST files for this account type are e-mails, calendars, events, tasks, notes, journals, etc. It also includes the hidden item and public folders favorites, overheads.

IMAP Account: –

MS-Outlook from version2013 and above inclusive of Office365 account commonly uses an IMAP account. The data which is stored in OST file for this account includes all the cached data. But apart from this it also saves the data which is entitled to the local computer and is not synced with the e-mail server. These involve  – Calendars, contacts, journal, tasks, notes, junk e-mails, trashed items, sent items, drafts. 

Types of error

There are many types of error which the user faces while accessing their files. Some of the errors are: –

  1. Error 0000000E: – This error is commonly faced by the user when they are trying to get access over the OST file. The cause of arising of this error is an interruption in the OST file during synchronization. The underlying possibilities for this interruption are as follows: – any virus or abrupt shutdown of outlook while the synchronization is in process.
  2. Error 0x8004060c: – It is an internal error which arises due to the corruption of OST or PST data file or it may arise because of connectivity or synchronized issue while accessing the file. A virus attack may also affect the OST file.
  3. Error8004011D-526-80040115-0: – It is also one of the errors which are faced by the user when they are using MS-Outlook in cache-enabled mode with the Microsoft exchange server, then you need to provide work in offline mode. So, while synchronizing the server database the user got this error. The main reasons for occurring this error are  – virus attack, due to corrupted OST file, a problem in the current profile or connectivity issue and unavailability of the exchange server computer system.
  4. Error 0x80070002: – It is a type of error code which comes when the user tries to add or set up a new e-mail account in the outlook. The causes of this error are- interruption during setting up the new account, virus attack, and connectivity problem.

Methods to solve these errors (0000000E): –

Most commonly users face this error and they are always looking to fix this error. There are many ways by which you can easily solve the errors. It includes: –

  • Manual Method: – To troubleshoot this common error MS-Outlook has provided a tool by which one can solve the error. Its name is “scanOST.exe”. It is a tool which helps the user to resolve their problem within a minute by using simple steps. These steps are as follows:-
  1. In the manual method, the first step is close MS-Outlook.
  2. After closing it, search and open “exe”.
  3. Then, in the properties option click on outlook then select ok
  4. Now, pick up the file which you want to scan from the profile list, click on Connect.
  5. At last, select Repair error checkbox to troubleshoot the problem automatically.
  6. Finally, click on begin scan files.

By using these simple steps one can fix their OST file error easily but ScanOST.exe has some limitations which may cause problem in some cases. These are: –

  • Time-Consuming as well as a complicated one.
  • Applicable only till MS-Outlook 2007 Version.
  • Only fix OST file related issue.
  • Can’t fix the error of the big OST file but in some cases, if it does then there may be a chance for losing the data.
  • User can’t recover deleted e-mails and other Outlook properties.

There is also another method “scanPST.exe” by which you can also fix your outlook error but it can only handle the minor corruption, it doesn’t help to recover major damage.

Now, because of the limitations of scanOST.exe and scanPST.exe users always searching for a solution to recover their files. But to get their files in a readable format one can try a method where they can access OST file information directly e-mail client application. To perform this task, they have to convert their files in another format. So, for the conversion and recovery of the Exchange OST file, there is a tool whose name is eSoftTools OST recovery tool which helps the users to convert their files in a readable format for an e-mail client. There are some basic steps by which they can convert their OST files in a compatible format. These are: –

  • First, open the software and click on Add OST for selecting OST file.
  • After selecting the OST file, click on the file which you want to recover.
  • Now, you have a preview of every OST item.
  • At last, select the conversion format (PST, HTML, EMLX, EML, MSG, MBOX, vCard, etc.) and then click ok, wait for a second and your file got converted into a desirable and readable format.

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After conversion, one can also recover their OST file and then can easily troubleshoot the OST file error 0000000E.

Conclusion: – I hope this article helps you to get information about the major errors which may occur in the OST file. Also, the solution to fix most common error 0000000E of OST file, many techniques have been discussed. I am sure that, you will get a definite resolution for your OST file Error.

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