Best Free Methods to Easily Export Outlook Calendar to Lotus Notes

Are you looking for a way to import your Outlook calendar into Lotus Notes? If this issue is beginning to affect your mind, then this blog is for you. In this blog, we will provide you with the most comprehensive answer to your problems. Read this blog to see both manual and expert approaches to export outlook calendar to lotus notes.”

People all over the world use a variety of email clients. According to his or her job requirements, the user often chooses a secure and effective email client. People nowadays use both Outlook and Lotus Notes more frequently. Users of Outlook can need to import their Outlook calendar into Lotus Notes because of multiple reasons.

Calendars are useful to all because they enable users to keep track of their events and schedules. As a result, when people move their data from one email client to another, they also transfer their calendar. However, they have been unable to locate an immediate and reliable solution for transferring calendars from Outlook to Lotus Notes.

As a result, in this blog, we’ll go through various methods for exporting Outlook calendars to Lotus Notes calendars.

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What are the benefits of importing Outlook Calendar to Lotus Notes?

There are several reasons for the conversion of the Outlook calendar to IBM notes. The following are a few of them:

  • If a user switches from Outlook to Lotus Notes, the user will also need to export Outlook calendar data in Lotus Notes.
  • If you want to use the Outlook calendar in the Lotus Notes application, you will need to convert Outlook calendar to Lotus Notes compatible format.

Converting Outlook calendars to Lotus Notes supported format becomes essential in any of the scenarios mentioned above.

Are you looking for a manual workaround that is free? It’s almost here!

Methods to Export Lotus Notes Calendar to Outlook

In this section, we’ll show you how to transfer your Outlook calendar with Lotus Notes in two different ways.

Method 1: Manual Method for Adding Outlook Calendar to Lotus Notes

The manual method includes two steps: first, the user must export Outlook calendar to ICS file, and then import the ICS file into Lotus Notes.

Step 1:- Export Outlook Calendar to ICS file

  • To begin, open MS Outlook on your computer and select the Calendar icon.
  • Now, go to the My Calendars >> Calendar option in the navigation pane.
  • After that, go to the top menu and pick File, then Save Calendar.
  • After that, navigate to the place where you want to save your Outlook ICS export file.
  • Select .ics format in the Save Calendar option, and then click the Save button.

Steps 2:- Import Outlook Calendar ICS file in Lotus Notes

  • Launch Lotus Notes email client and go to the calendar tab.
  • Pick the Import option from the File menu. Choose the iCalendar (.ics) file format.
  • Then, Select the Browse button to find the exported Outlook calendar ICS file, select it, and press Import.
  • Preview Entries to see whether the data has been imported or not. Now, enter the name of the calendar you want to import, and then click OK.
  • Then choose More > Manage Imported Calendars.

After this you will see, that your new calendar file has combined with all of the calendar entries you imported. 

Method 2: Import Outlook Calendar to Lotus Notes Using an Automated Process

To import Outlook to Lotus Notes Calendar, the user can use eSoftTools PST to NSF Converter, which is a quick and reliable process. The user can convert Outlook PST with all calendars, contacts, emails, and other items to NSF file format and then import the new NSF file with calendar items into Lotus Notes using this utility. The app has a simple interface that allows the user to interact with the utility without difficulty.


A user can migrate PST calendars to IBM notes with the aid of this tool without losing any details. Since this program has an easy-to-use GUI, even an inexperienced user can complete the importing task without the assistance of a professional.


We’ve covered two methods for exporting Outlook calendars to Lotus Notes in this blog. The user can choose all of them based on their needs. However, there are several disadvantages to a manual approach. It’s a tedious and time-consuming process. If you perform the conversion manually, you risk losing data. So, we recommend users try the “PST to NSF Converter” program for completing the migration from Outlook calendar to Lotus Notes.

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