How to Export Lotus Notes to Windows Live Mail?

Last updated on September 25th, 2021 at 01:45 pm

For e-communication, today’s organizations all depend on email clients. Email Clients provide users with a broad range of built-in functionalities that are essential for email management. But, as a result of the limitation, sometimes users have to migrate from one email program to another. Switching from Lotus Notes to Windows Live Mail is one such example.

In this blog post, we’ll go over why and how to Export Lotus Notes emails to EML format? but before this, we’ll discuss what is Lotus Notes, Windows Live Mail, and why the user wants to move from Lotus Notes to Windows Live Mail.

What is Lotus Notes & Windows Live Mail?

IBM Lotus Notes:- Lotus Notes is a client-server program that includes the client “IBM Lotus Notes” and the server “IBM Domino.” Instant messaging, searching, file sharing, team rooms, and other smart business features are all included in this email client system. IBM Notes is well-known for its security features; no other email client can match Notes’ ability to provide a stable platform. You can encrypt your NSF files or any email you send or receive with encryption. Lotus Notes also allows you to work smarter, quicker and brings the whole world to your laptop.

Windows Live Mail:- Microsoft’s Windows Live Mail is a free emailing program. It’s an upgrade to the older versions of Outlook Express that came with earlier versions of Windows, but with more functionality. It is compatible with Windows 10, as well as Windows 7, and other previous editions. It included the feature to check for a sender’s address, title, or content of an email, as well as displaying addresses, calendars, and other features while the user is offline.

Why users need to import Lotus Notes emails into Windows Live Mail?

User may need to Export Lotus Notes emails to WLM for a variety of reasons. Some of them right here –

  • Lotus Notes is an advanced email client that non-tech users find to be difficult to use.
  • Lotus Notes is expensive to purchase, while Microsoft’s Windows Live Mail is a free email service.
  • Users must switch to a new company, which necessitates the use of previous Lotus Notes emails in Windows Live Mail, the main email client.
  • Lotus Notes has a high maintenance cost as well.

Manually Export Lotus Notes emails to Window Live Mail EML files

  • Open Lotus Notes and choose the emails you want to save in EML format.
  • Select File->Save As from the File menu.
  • Type a file name and then select the Save option.

Now the chosen email will convert into EML file format.

Drawbacks of Manual approach.

The manual method appears to be simple, but it is ineffective and incapable of producing reliable results. Furthermore, only one email can be transferred at a time, indicating that this is a time-consuming process that is not suitable for large amounts of data. As a result, users are searching for alternatives. We’ll share an alternative conversion approach with you in the next section of this post.

Export Lotus Notes emails to Windows Live Mail EML using Automated Solution.

In addition to the manual method of NSF to EML conversion, users can use automated tools to convert Lotus Notes to Windows Live Mail in just one press. Users can use eSoftTools Lotus Notes NSF to EML Converter Software. With this software, you can easily and safely export Lotus Notes emails and attachments to the Windows Live Mail EML file format.


Convert Lotus Notes file to Windows Live Mail EML.

  • Install and run the NSF to EML Converter on your computer.
  • Click on the select NSF button and choose the Lotus Notes NSF file you want to export.
  • Load NSF file, see the preview and choose the required emails folder or items.
  • Press the Convert button, then Choose the EML file from the conversion options.
  • Select the destination path to save the EML files by clicking on the Browse button.
  • After pressing the Convert Now button, the results will appear at the specified location after a few minutes.

After this you will convert all your NSF emails to Windows Live mail supported EML files.

Import Converted EML file to Windows Live Mail

  • On Windows Live Mail and click on File option from the left corner. From the drop-down menu, select Import > Messages Option.
  • From the list of email clients, choose Windows Live Mail as your email client.
  • Click on Browse button and visit the EML folder location.
  • Select the All or required folder and click on Next.
  • The import procedure will now begin.
  • After completion simply Click the Finish button. 

Note:- You may also use the drag-and-drop approach as an option. Simply drag and drop the transformed NSF emails stored EML file into the Windows Live Mail inbox.


With the increasing number of email clients on the market, users’ needs are rapidly transforming the way. When a user switches to a new email client, they begin looking for the conversion process. Switching from one platform to another, on the other hand, is a difficult process. We attempted to cover several steps to convert Lotus Notes to Windows Live Mail for a variety of purposes (discussed above).

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