Free DIY Methods to Export Exchange Mailbox to PST

Last updated on January 24th, 2020 at 11:11 am

There are ‘n’ numbers of reasons which can result in the MS Exchange database to Outlook migration. A few of the reasons are lost connectivity, abrupt power failure, malware attack, and so on. Multiple methods are available in the IT industry to Export the Exchange Mailbox to a different file like Outlook PST. Some of them are manual methods or inbuilt utility that uses some commands and others are automated way through applications.

You can easily use both manual and mechanical methods to rapidly Export the .edb to .pst file with all its inner items. Here in this blog, we are exploring all possible solutions to answer “How to Export Exchange Mailbox to PST?”.

There are three different Method which can be performed to Export EDB items into PST. And those are- Exmerge utility, PowerShell Commands, or a top-ranked tool to Export Exchange Mailbox to PST. We will discuss each method one by one with its pros and cons while EDB file conversion.

Methods to Perform the Exporting process of Exchange Database:-

Method 1

By using ExMerge

Method 2

By using PowerShell

Method 3

By using the Third-Party Software

Export Mailbox From EDB to PST Outlook with Exmerge.Exe

The first technique is the Exmerge utility which is freely available and officially offered by the brand Microsoft. This was launched with the aim to repair the corrupt EDB file and export it’s inner items to PST file. Let’s see the steps which have to be followed in order to work with freeware.

Download Exmerge:-

  1. Firstly start the Exmerge and login to Exchange Server, with your Account credentials.
  2. Click on Extract or Import (Two Step procedure) switch and hit on the Next button.

  3. Next, select the Extract data from an Exchange server Mailbox.

  4. Click on “Archive Data to Target Store” in the “Import Procedure tab“.

  5. Select the required mailbox items and choose the destination to save the exported file as PST Outlook file.

  6. Afterward, just click on the Finish button to move the file.

Limitations of this free program

  • Exmerge tool is a free utility to export Exchange items to the PST file but it has some limitations. It has the maximum capacity to transfer a mailbox with a size of 2 GB. So, if you want to Export mailbox with size more than the defined size it can’t be the best option for you.
  • Another limitation of this software is, the fact that this is compatible only with the older version of MS Exchange Server including- 2003 and 2007. This implies that the updated versions do not perform well with ExMerge.

When considering this method with these limitations clears up the confusion and concludes that this is not the perfect way to make the EDB file conversion, so you have to go with another alternative.

Export Exchange Mailbox by using PowerShell

The PowerShell command is another free solution to export your EDB file of other updated versions of Exchange Server. This method will be able to Export Mailbox of EDB of all MS Exchange versions (from 5.0 up to 2019). If the user has full authority to access and control over the mailboxes of Exchange Server, then he is also able to transfer Exchange items to PST by just putting some simple command lines. For exporting exchange Mailbox items with this method the user has to just follow these simple steps.

The user can manually Export all of Exchange mailboxes into PST with the help of these simple PowerShell commands as shown below.

Steps to Export EDB file item into PST by using PowerShell/Exchange Management Shell:-

  1. Run the Command line given below for launching the Export mailbox request from Exchange Server 2010 –

    Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.E2010

  2. And if you want Export mailbox from Exchange Server version 2013 then you have to use this command –

    Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.E2013

  3. For Converting EBD file into PST create Command: New-MailboxExportRequest

    Mailbox Exchangeexport –FilePath \\MSServer\new-pst-folder\\ExchangeMails.pst

Exchangeexport” is the mailbox that we had to Export into the PST format. And the “Exchange-Mails” is the name of the resulted PST file.

Requirements to utilize this free technique

  • The location of the EDB file should be known
  • User should know the path of PST file
  • The user has to be a technical person.

But both manual methods are very typical or time taking process. And they both have some requirements and limitations to execute the conversion of Exchange items. Also transferring EDB items to PST files manually without complete knowledge sometime may cause data loss or mailbox inconsistency.

So if any Exchange user is apprehensive about data, or wants to get back deleted/damaged items from the EDB file. Then they have chosen the last available option rather than the above mentions complicated techniques. Hence, we always recommend the user to try a secure method for Exporting your important data that is stored in the EDB file. This also ensures that even a non-technical person can Export Exchange mailboxes immediately and securely in the simplest way.  Therefore going with a third-party solution for converting Exchange EDB file into PST will be the smartest choice. With this tool, there are many options so choose eSoftTools Software as this brand is well appreciated for their performance.

Export EDB to PST with eSoftTools EDB to PST Converter Software:-

When encountering any type of difficulties while accessing information from the Exchange mailbox due to corruption. Then get the assistance of this Free Tool to Export Exchange Mailbox to PST Name as eSoftTools Exchange EDB to PST Converter software. This can actually give you instant results. It is the easiest and time-saving solution to repair the corrupted EDB file. And additionally, it facilitates users to export Exchange mailboxes into other different email file formats. With this software, the user gets features to ease the process of the conversion process. Even apart from exportation in Outlook, the EDB mailbox can be Export into other file configurations in very less time.

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