How to Export Android Phone Contacts to Excel files?

In the last few months, a large number of users have messaged our support team with the query “How to Export Android Phone Contacts to Excel?”. After seeing this we’ve decided to publish a comprehensive write-up with accurate details. By reading this blog, anyone can conveniently export contacts from Android to CSV files and open them in Microsoft Excel.

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Converting Android Contacts to a CSV File

To begin, first manually export contacts from Android to VCF format. Most Android phones have the ability to extract contacts. Switch contacts from your Android phone to your Windows device using Data Cable, OTG, Bluetooth, Dropbox, or any other method.

Step 1:- Export Android Contacts to vCard/VCF file

Simply follow the steps below to manually export contacts from Android to vCard for free.

  • Open your Android phone’s Contacts or Address Book app and select the More option.
  • Now click on Import/Export option.
  • By clicking the Export button, you can export contacts from your android phone storage to the selected storage location as vCard files.
  • Check exported Android contacts in vCard VCF format in File Manager.

After this, transfer the Android contacts vCard file to your windows based computer.

Step 2:- Convert Android Contacts vCard file to Excel CSV file format

Download eSoftTools vCard Converter Software, which can convert Android exported contacts .vcf file to CSV (Comma-separated values) format. By which users can quickly import and view CSV files in MS Excel as an Excel spreadsheet. The tool includes a separate option to backup Android contacts to Excel CSV format, as well as a free demo version that allows users to test it out by converting a small number of contacts from Android to CSV format without having to spend any money.


Follow these steps to Import contacts from Android vCard into Excel CSV file

  • Launch the eSoftTools vCard Converter and click on Convert vCard radio button. Then hit on Next.
vCard Merger
  • Now choose file mode or folder mode to select vCard file then hit the Browse button and add your Android Contacts vCard file. Then click on Go Next button.
Select VCF file/folder
  • Now from the Conversion options Export into CSV file (Folder-wise or For All Folder) as per your requirement.
vCard preview
  • Select the destination path to save the resulted file.
save vcard
  • Finally hit on Convert vCard button to Export Contacts from Android vCard to Excel CSV file.
vCard conversion


In some cases, the method for exporting Android contacts to Excel CSV is extremely useful. After converting contacts from Android to CSV format, users can access them in a professional manner using a Microsoft Excel Sheet. An Excel Sheet can store a large number of Android contacts, along with all pertinent information, and it is useful because users can export all of their Android mobile contacts to a CSV file.

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