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Are you a user who wants to shift email account data from Bluehost to Google Workspace account? But unable to get a reliable solution, for performing this job. If this same situation is yours, then get your answer with this article. Here we will show you the method to Migrate Bluehost email to Google Workspace/ G-suite. Let’s start…

Bluehost is one of the most well-known brands that provide Hosting services to users. Bluehost has covered a huge marketplace on the internet for providing the best web and mail hosting.

Business email accounts users can easily host on Bluehost servers. Like- other hosting companies, Bluehost also provides a facility for accessing email accounts with Roundcube and Horde webmail apps. Any time and from anywhere users can access mail accounts that are hosted on Bluehost with ease.

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Why do users switch from Bluehost to Google Workspace?

All individuals/ home users are familiar with the Gmail app. Also, because of the popularity and trust of Google users prefer Gmail more compared to any other alternative. With Google Workspace/G-suite service now users get the ability to access their business mail account Gmail app.

As a result, most users who hosted their account on Bluehost or other hosting companies prefer moving to Google workspace.

Solution to Migrate Bluehost Email to Google Workspace

The smartest solution that enables you to migrate Bluehost emails to Google Workspace accounts is eSoftTools IMAP Backup & Migration software. It is specially created for handling this job of cloud mail and webmail email migration.

This tool export emails from the Bluehost server to Google Workspace accounts with ease. While migration it prefers complete data integrity and provides the best results to users. Effectively using this tool users can safely transfer all Bluehost emails to Google Workspace (business) as well Gmail (individual) mail accounts.

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How to perform Bluehost email to Google Workspace migration?

Download eSoftTools IMAP Migration software and then follow the steps shown below: –

  • Install and launch the software on your windows-based machine.
  • Choose the option “Any other server email accounts” from the web app list.
  • Input the Bluehost account email address, password, port, and hostname.
  • Press the Login button and start loading the mail folders of the Bluehost account.
  • Make a selection of required mail folders and click on Import to Cloud.
  • Choose the option “Import into G-mail” and hit the Next button.
  • From the next screen, hit on the “Import to G-suite” radio button.
  • Enter the email address of the Google workspace account & add Google third-party app password.
  • After adding account details, click on the “Authenticate Login” button.
  • Select the Filter Email option and specify from and to date of emails. (optional)
  • Lastly, press the “Import to G-suite Account” button and begin the migration.

Now the software will start transferring emails from the Bluehost mail server to Google Workspace account and provide you the accurate results after completion.

Key Features of Bluehost to Gmail Migration Software

  • Exports every email from the Bluehost mail server to your Google workspace/ Gmail account immediately.
  • Allows users to export emails from particular Bluehost mail account’s mail folders.
  • Export emails with all linked data- the recipient, bcc cc, subject, message text, etc.
  • Transfer emails from the Bluehost account along with all of their attachments.
  • Allow users to export emails from certain dates using a mail filtering feature.
  • Offers to establish a new folder in the user’s Yahoo account to save emails of your Bluehost account.
  • Provides support for email migration from email accounts hosted by Bluehost as well as other hosting providers like- Hostinger, Hostgator, Hostmonster, and all.
  • Complete the conversion with ease thanks to a simple and straightforward graphical interface.


The best and most reliable method for transferring Bluehost emails to Google Workspace accounts we have shown in this blog post. Users can use the above-given method to quickly transfer any number of emails from Bluehost into a Gmail/ Google Workspace account without requiring any additional application dependency. Also, this tool offers a free demo version that enables you to learn how to use it before buying the full version. Try it now.

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