Are you using Roundcube webmail for handling your mail accounts and want to download emails to a local drive as PDF files? If yes, then through this article get the best solution for doing this job. Here we will show you how to export emails from Roundcube to PDF files. Let’s start…

Roundcube is a web-based application that assists users to access their email accounts. Users can use Roundcube webmail on their hosting server. Easily users can configure and use their business email account in the Roundcube app.

With Roundcube users can manage their email account’s data from hosting servers. This enables users to access email accounts from different locations, at a particular time. For accessing email accounts users need a web browser on their mobile or desktop.

It is a convenient application for emailing, but for different reasons, Roundcube users require to export emails from their account to local drive/computer.

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Why Export Roundcube emails to PDF files?

Saving Roundcube emails in PDF file format can help users to

  • Access emails locally: – For accessing Roundcube account emails users will need the internet. But by saving emails as PDF files, users can access those emails locally.
  • Preserving emails as Backup: – Users may lose their emails from their Roundcube accounts because of several reasons. In those situations, these backup PDF files will help users to recover their data.
  • Transferring or Sharing data: – PDF is an easily sharable, secure, and universally compatible file type. Because of this reason, users prefer sharing their data with PDF files. As a result, RoundCube users also prefer saving emails as PDF files.

Instant Solution to Export Emails from Roundcube to PDF files

A powerful and quick technique to download Roundcube emails as PDF files is eSoftTools Roundcube Webmail Backup Software. This tool will effectively export emails with their relevant information from Roundcube to PDF files.

At one time, this single tool will export emails from all Roundcube account mail folders. Users will get the ability to choose their desired location for Preserving resultant PDF files. The software offers mail filtering by date option to email extraction of selective dates. Apart from this, multiple other options are available inside the software to perform the email backup process with ease.

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How to Export Roundcube emails to PDF via Roundcube Backup Software?

Download and install Roundcube backup software on a windows O/S-based computer and follow these below-given steps: –

  • Launch the software and provide your Roundcube account details.
    • Email Address: –          Enter the email address of your Roundcube account
    • Password: –                 Input Roundcube account password
    • Port: –                          Enter port as “993
    • Hostname: –                Provides mail server URL. Example- “mail.<yourdomain>.com
  • After all the required account details, press the Login button.
  • Load all mail folders of the Roundcube account into the software.
  • Select the folder from which you want to export emails.
  • Choose the option Save in PDF from the export options list.
  • Select the location where you want to save the downloaded PDF files.
  • Apply Mail Filter by dates and Naming Convention options.
  • Click on Save Backup and start exporting Roundcube emails to PDF files.

Best Features of eSoftTools Roundcube Webmail Backup Software

  • At a single time, export all emails from the Roundcube account as PDF files.
  • Also, enable users to export emails from specific mail folders of the Roundcube accounts.
  • Provides a list of all available mail folders of the Roundube account mailbox.
  • Users can choose a saving location from their local drive to save resultant files.
  • Comes with a mail filtering option to export emails of a specific date range.
  • The naming convention option assists users to save PDF files with a custom name.
  • Supports working in all Windows O/S editions, including – win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and below editions.
  • A free demo is also available of the software that exports up to 20 emails from each mail folder of Roundcube account to PDF free of cost.


For different reasons, users might be required to export emails from Roundcube to PDF files. The easiest way to accomplish this job we have shown in this article. To easily save Roundcube emails as PDF files users can try the above-given method. Try the method apply all mentioned steps and get your Roundcube account emails in PDF format.

Note: – Also, try the free demo edition of Roundcube email backup software and export upto 20 emails from each mail folder of the Roundcube account to PDF files free of cost.

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