Summary: – There are several reasons why users may need to save calendar details available in ICS files to PDF files. If you are also in a situation in which you need to transfer ICS calendar to PDF, this article has the solution for you. Here, we will show you the easiest way to export/convert ICS to PDF files. Let’s start…

ICS (iCalendar) is a standard file format used to store calendar data electronically, preserving events, tasks, appointments, and more.

Many email clients and calendar management applications support the ICS file type, making it easy to share calendar events across different apps and platforms.

Why Convert ICS Calendar to PDF?

ICS file is a good choice to store calendar data because most email clients and apps support this file format, but there are some tasks that are not possible to do with ICS, hence the need to convert ICS to PDF, like: – 

  • Ease of Access: – Compared to ICS, PDF files make it easier for users to share and access calendars instantly. PDF is a document format and is accessible with many applications and may even be accessible within a web browser.
  • Printability: – PDF files are easily printable. Therefore, users who want physical copies of their calendar events will be able to do so with the PDF files at any time after ICS to PDF conversion.
  • Security: – Users can add password protection to PDF files to secure their calendar event information.

User Query

I am Conan from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). My boss in my office has assigned me the task of scheduling some meetings with partners. I have used MS Outlook to do this and extracted those calendar events into ICS files. Now my boss wants me to put those calendar event information into PDF files and share it with him. Please share with me a method to export ICS calendars to PDF files.

Best Solution Export/Convert ICS to PDF Files

Try the desktop-based software eSoftTools ICS Converter tool. A safe solution to perform ICS file conversion through Windows computer. Convert numerous ICS files into PDF and several more file types with this single program.

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Perform bulk conversion of ICS files from one or more folders at a time. Export calendar entries and preserve them in PDF files in the original format. Get a preview of each calendar entry from ICS files before conversion. Moreover, get many more smart options inside the software for instant ICS to PDF file conversion work.

How to Convert ICS Calendar to PDF using ICS Converter software?

Export calendar entries from ICS files to PDF via ICS Converter by following the steps given below: –

convert ics to pdf
  • Press the Select ICS File/Folder button and choose a file-adding mode: –
    • Folder mode: – add a folder holding several ICS files (including subfolders).
    • Files mode: – add single or multiple ICS file selectively from a folder.
  • Add the required ICS Calendar files/folder and press the Next button.
add ics file to convert into pdf
  • Load ICS files and preview calendar items from them inside the software.
ics file preview
  • Choose the needed folders and press the Convert ICS button.
convert ics file to pdf
  • Select the conversion format “Export in PDF” and select a location for saving the resultant files.
select conversion option for ics to pdf
  • Click on the “Save Attachment” checkbox to preserve attachments in separate folders. (optional).
  • Lastly, hit on Convert and begin the process of ICS to PDF file conversion.

Congrats! You’ve successfully converted ICS files to PDFs using the professional ICS to PDF Converter Software.

As a Closing Remark:

The above blog discusses the importance of PDF (Portable Document Format) and the need to convert ICS Calendar files to PDF. One of the best-automated solutions is eSoftTools ICS Converter Software, which allows users to export ICS to PDF files effortlessly. This tool provides a reliable and efficient solution, offering features like bulk conversion, preview options, and support for multiple file formats. It ensures a seamless process while preserving the original format of calendar entries, making it a comprehensive tool for all your ICS to PDF conversion needs.

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