Do you want to extract and save Outlook emails as PDF files but don’t know the method to do so? If you are looking for a solution then you will find it in this article. Here we will talk about the techniques to convert Outlook emails to PDF with attachments. Let’s start…

MS Outlook is a means to perform email-sharing tasks securely. This is the application that is introduced by Microsoft for email profile management. It enables sharing emails as well as other functions like- saving contacts, managing calendar events, etc.

With Outlook, users can share emails using their profile from their desktop. The benefit users get from Outlook is storing their email profile data locally. Outlook offers users a variety of file types in which users can easily store data items.

One of the file types in which most Outlook users want to preserve their emails is PDF (Portable Document Format). Many users want to save Outlook items in this file type.

Why save Outlook emails as PDF Documents?

  • Portability: – PDF files are supported by many applications and devices. Users can easily read data from PDF files with multiple devices without facing compatibility issues.
  • Sharing and Archiving emails: – PDF files are light in size and can be easily shared from one device to another. The light weight of PDF files makes it an ideal choice for archiving emails and creating backups easily.
  • Easy Offline Accessibility: – Safe and smart way to store Offline accessing data from PDF files. A user can save emails in PDF files and safely access them locally without an internet connection.

User Query

I am an Outlook user and have over 500 emails in my mail folder. I want to share these emails with my friend for some legal and compliance requirements. My friend has asked me to convert them into PDFs and send him. I don’t know the method to convert Outlook email to PDF. Please guide me on how can I do this.

How to Convert Outlook Email to PDF with Attachment?

Users just need to perform a simple 2-step process to complete this job of converting Outlook emails to PDF files: –

Step 1: – Export Outlook to HTML files

  • Launch the MS Outlook application and open the mail folder.
  • Select and open the email that you want to save in PDF file format.
  • Press the File button from the top ribbon and then click on the “Save as” option.
  • Rename the file and choose the save as type HTML or MHTML.
  • Choose the location where you want to save the file and press the Save button.

Export and save your Outlook email in HTML file format and follow the next step to save Outlook email to PDF.

Step 2: – Convert HTML to PDF files

  • Open the previously generated HTML file on any web browser.
  • Press the Ctrl + P button and open the print screen.
  • Apply the saving settings and press the Save button.
  • Choose a file saving path, rename the file and hit Save.

Safely complete these steps and save your Outlook email with attachments to PDF files.

Limitations of the method to Convert Outlook Email to PDF

  • Saves Emails to PDF without attachments
  • Only converts one Outlook email to PDF at a time.
  • Chances of loss of metadata and formatting.
  • A long and difficult process and not convenient for non-technical persons.

Automated Software to Convert Outlook Emails from PST

Users can try converting Outlook PST files with emails, and other items into different file types with eSoftTools Outlook PST Recovery software. Securely the software will extract and save Outlook emails in more than 10 file types including new PST, EML, EMLX, MHTML, MBOX, and more.

It will complete the Outlook email conversion automatically and provide the best results with zero defects. This will convert all Outlook internal emails from multiple PST files simultaneously. Furthermore, it will convert emails with attachments and preserve each email’s properties, formatting, and header details.

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Converting Outlook emails to PDF files is the most common task that many Outlook users want to do nowadays. Without the knowledge, it becomes impossible for users to complete this task. Therefore, first of all, users have to know about the technique. In this article, we have explained all the steps that users need to know. By applying the above steps, now easily convert Outlook email into PDF file format.

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