How to Convert EMLX to EML file On Windows Computer?

Are you an Apple Mail user but now want to switch to windows based emails client like- Live Mail, Thunderbird, etc? But unable to transfer emails from Apple Mail because emails are in EMLX files? If this is the case you don’t need to worry. Here with this blog post, we are going to provide you a solution for your query. You will get the answer for the query “How to Convert EMLX to EML file on Windows Computer?”.

A widely used email client in MAC systems is Apple Mail. Even the first choice of every Mac user in their mac machine is Apple Mail email client. When a user configures his account in Apple Mail, this application automatically fetches all emails of users and saves them locally in the user’s machine.

But this email client uses EMLX file format to save emails of users individually. It means to save each email of the user it creates separate EMLX files. The problem with this file type is, it only works on MAC machines and with Apple Mail application.

Now for this situation, a question arises what a windows user can do to open these EMLX files. Before this first, let’s see some real users query who is in the same situation as this and want a solution:-

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Real User’s Query

Previously ia have used Apple Mail mail for emailing but recently i have sold my Macbook to person. But before selling it i have extracted all of my important stuff from the machine. I have also export my emails of Apple Mail. Now i have switched to windows based machine but unable to access my important emails. The reason is Apple Mail emails is in EMLX file format which is not compatible with any windows based email client. So, now i need to solution for my problem. Can any help me please…

Best Solution to Open EMLX files on a Windows Computer

We all know the EMLX files are only workable in Mac-based computers and only Apple Mail. Due to this reason, if a user tries to open or access emails from EMLX on a Windows computer they will face a problem. But to solve this problem the best solution available of converting EMLX to EML files. The file type EML is similar to EMLX file format and uses for saving particular emails. But this format allows is accessible in multiple windows and Linux-based email clients like- Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, eM Client, and more.

With the method of EMLX to EML Conversion, users will get the power to easily access emails of EMLX files with multiple email clients of Windows.

Professional Tool to Convert EMLX to EML file On Windows by eSoftTools

To access EMLX emails in Windows PC users needs to Convert EMLX file into EML format. For doing this conversion process with smart steps and simple tricks the best solution is to use eSoftTools EMLX to EML Converter Software. This software has advanced features and an amazing algorithm to make a quick conversion process of EMLX files in bulk. In addition, the software also works as an EMLX file viewer. Before conversion users can check the live preview of emails with their meta properties in the software panel. In a single process, users can select folders with their sub-folders containing EMLX files to convert all files in a single time.


Steps to Convert EMLX to EML file Format by EMLX Converter Software

  • Download eSoftTools EMLX/EML Converter Software to your Windows based machine.
  • Install and launch the software then hit the Add EML folder or Add EMLX folder button.
    • Add EMLX File:- To select an individual EMLX file for conversion
    • Add EMLX Folder:- Choose folders containing EMLX files.
  • Import EMLX files or folder then click on Save then choose the destination path to save resultant EML file after conversion.
  • Now Simply click on Convert EMLX to EML button to start the conversion process.
  • After the conversion process simply get all your EMLX emails with any windows based email application.


For Windows users who wants to access EMLX file emails with application like Windows live mail or Thunderbird, the best solution is performing EMLX to EML conversion. You can do it with an immediate process using the automated tool eSoftTools EMLX to EML Converter Software. The software offers a clean interface and users can access it without using any highly technical skills.

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