How to Import MBOX File into Yahoo Mail? Instant Solution

Nowadays, the demand of desktop based email clients is reducing in the market. The reason for this is cloud based email applications. A large number of users in this world prefers using cloud emailing applications like- Yahoo Mail. If you are also a user who also need to switch from desktop email client to Yahoo Mail, then blog this can help you. Here we are going to cover the topic How to Import MBOX to Yahoo Mail? Simply read the blog and easily switch to Yahoo mail

Using a desktop- based email clients users get the benefit of saving their important emails and other information locally in their machine. For saving email items and folder more than 25+ email clients uses MBOX file format. Email clients like- Thunderbird, Applemail, Eudora, etc supports to work with this file format. But with the feature of saving emails locally users also face size increasing problem in their system drive.

On the other hand by using cloud applications user get the facility to easily transfer their data to cloud server. Due to this and various other reason many user desire to switch to cloud email platform like- YahooMail.

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Resons Why User Switching to YahooMail

  • Yahoomail is Cloud application and user can easily perform emailing task with it from any web browser. Without making installation of any addiational software user can access their YahooMail account.
  • Data saving in computer’s drive as MBOX files is difficult. Thier is chance of file corruption and also locally saving MBOX files, takes a lot of storage space in user’s machine. On the other hand YahooMail offers a large storage space on cloud server to save users data and emails with 100% safety.
  • At free of cost YahooMail offer smart features like- spam filtering and searching option to search required email infomations.
  • Also, after importing MBOX emails to YahooMail, user can easily access their email account and MBOX emails from any device, at any time and from any where in this world.

These advantages of YahooMail and problems with MBOX supported desktop email client, user requires to Import MBOX File into Yahoo Mail Account. Below mentioned are some of real user query who is in a same situation and want a solution. let’c check…

Users Query

User 1:- Before YahooMail i have used Gmail. Due to a reason i have deleted my gmail account. But before deleting the account i have extracted all of my account emails in an MBOX file. Now i want to import some important emails from MBOX file to My YahooMail account. Is there any method is available to Import MBOX File into Yahoo Mail.

User 2:- I am Thunderbird email client user. This desktop-based application has has saved all of my emails in MBOX file on my local drive. I am facing various kinds of problem for managing these files in my computer. Due to this i have switched to YahooMail cloud. But iam unable to import my previous Thunderbird emails data because Yahoomail has no option to import MBOX files. Please help to import MBOX files in YahooMail…

Smart Technique to Directly Import MBOX File into Yahoo Mail Account

We can say their is no manual method is available in the market to Import MBOX to Yahoomail, because YahooMail doesn’t provides any direct option of importing MBOX files. But to resolve users problem the brand eSoftTools has made a best utility known as MBOX Converter Software. Any user can take help of this specialized tool to import MBOX to Yahoo in simple steps. Below mentioned is the complete process that user can follow to do the process of Importing MBOX file into YahooMail account.


How to Import MBOX File into Yahoo Mail? Step by Step

Note:- To Import MBOX File into Yahoo the first step is download the eSoftTools MBOX Converter Software. After downloading process install this software on a windows based machine then follow the steps mentioned below:-

  • Start the MBOX Converter tool in your machine, and hit on Add File/Folder button from the first screen.
MBOX Converter
  • A new screen will open by the software with 3 option for file and folder selection.
    • Select MBOX file:- For adding single MBOX file in the software from a known location select this option.
    • Select MBOX Folder:- Make selection of folder containing MBOX files to convert them in bulk.
    • Auto Load Thunderbird Profile:- To add MBOX/MSF file of Thunderbird from its default location.
MBOX File/folder selection
  • After selecting and adding MBOX file in the software panel click on Next.
  • Check preview of inner emails from MBOX files and choose required MBOX folders and hit on Import to Cloud option from the menubar.
View MBOX file emails
  • Then choose the option Import to Yahoo Mail Account from the drop-down list.
Import MBOX to Office365
  • Now login to your YahooMail account by entering email ID and third-party app pasword (generated from Yahoo account).
Import MBOX to YahooMail
  • Apply mail filtering and in the final step click on Import to Yahoo Acount button and easily transfer information or Import MBOX file into YahooMail account.


Many users are now switching to YahooMail cloud application because of its advanced features. But while transferring data MBOX file they face many problems. As a result, we have written this blog help those user. Above mentioned is the best technique which is available for every user to Import MBOX to Yahoo Mail in a direct manner. User can take advantage of free demo edition of eSoftTools MBOX Converter Software. With this demo edition user can securely move up to 25 emails from per folder of MBOX file to Yahoo free of cost.

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