How to Convert MBOX to EML files in Bulk?

A majority of desktop-based email clients use MBOX file format to store important mail folders of users. Also, various web-based email applications like- Horde, Gmail, and others, offer users to Export/save mail folders in MBOX files. It is the best option for users to store their mail folders in a safe environment for a long time. However, in various situations, users need to Export their emails from MBOX file EML files. Here, with this article, we will show you the complete method of How to Convert MBOX to EML files in Bulk?. Start reading the blog and get your answer.

What is the difference Between MBOX & EML files?

MBOX:- It is a file format that uses by various different email applications to store the mail folders of users’ accounts. A single MBOX file contains a large number of emails. Various different email clients use this MBOX file type to save users’ mailbox locally on users’ computers. Some of the email clients that use MBOX supports MBOX files are- Mozilla Thunderbird, AppleMail, OperaMail, Eudora, Entourage, etc.

EML:- This is also a file format that uses by email clients to save email items, but it is different from MBOX files. MBOX file contains a complete folder of emails, on the other hand, EML file supports saving emails separately. Opening emails and editing them separately is easy with EML files.

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Reasons why users need to Convert MBOX to EML files?

  • By MBOX to EML Conversion user can save their emails from MBOX to separate EML files. With this process a user will get the facility to access their emails from individual EML files.
  • Email clients like- MS Outlook, Windows 10 Mail, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express does’t supports MBOX files. But these emails clients has the ability to open emails from EML files. So, to access emails of MBOX files users requires to save MBOX emails to EML files.
  • When a user requires to switch from MBOX supported email client to Outlook, Lotus Notes, or other email clients user needs to Convert MBOX to EML files.

Best Automated Tool to Bulk Convert MBOX to EML files

Mostly before using any third-party tool firstly users search for a manual technique to convert MBOX files. But the manual conversion process is not easy. While using manual processes a single mistake can create a huge data loss problem from MBOX files.

So, the recommendation is to use an automated tool like- eSoftTools MBOX Converter software. It is the best method for users who want to perform MBOX file conversion with 100% safety. The software has the ability to Convert multiple MBOX files to EML file format at a single time.

The software will save users’ emails from MBOX files in EML files separately with maintaining email formatting and properties. After the conversion process user can open the Output EML files with any supported applications with no problem.

How to Convert MBOX to EML files in Bulk Using MBOX Converter?

To peerform conversion, first of all free download eSoftTools MBOX Converter Software & perform the installation process on your windows machine. After installation, simply apply the below mentioned steps.

Note:- Free demo edition of MBOX Converter has the ability to convert MBOX to EML or other convertible format with selective 25 emails without any charges.


  • Launch the software for MBOX to EML Conversion in your machine.
MBOX Converter
  • From the first screen of the software click the Add File/Folder button.
  • Next an option for MBOX file selection and loading the software from the provided options:-
    • Select MBOX File:- To select and add a single MBOX file for conversion.
    • Select MBOX Folder:- Choose the folder containing multiple MBOX files to perform MBOX file conversion in bulk.
MBOX File/folder selection
  • After file selection, click on Next to load the inner folder and emails from MBOX files.
  • Check the live preview of emails from MBOX files and select the required folders and hit on Convert MBOX from the top menu.
View MBOX file emails
  • From the next window select EML from the conversion options list.
Convert MBOX file
  • Apply mail filter to select the emails of required dates and choose a naming format from the list of naming conventions.
  • Finally choose a location to save resultant EML files, then hit on Convert button to start the process of MBOX File Conversion task.
Convert MBOX to PST


For saving emails in separate files and transferring data from any MBOX supported email client to EML supported email clients user comes in a situation where they needs to convert MBOX to EML files. Follow the above mentioned steps to perform the conversion task in an easy manner. Get a trial/demo edition of MBOX Converter Software to know the software working process.


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