How to Import OLM file to Web?

Several Outlook for Mac application users wants to switch service for different reasons. If you are searching for an easy technique to accomplish this job, then this blog post is the best place for you. Here we will show you “How to directly Import OLM file to”. Continue reading….

Many people are using Outlook for Mac application for email sending/receiving jobs. It offers different features to users for emailing with ease and security. But, Outlook for Mac is a desktop-based application. For this reason, it has some limitations and while using it users face several difficulties.

To resolve the problems that users face with the desktop-based Outlook for Mac application, Microsoft has launched the service.

As a result, a huge number of Outlook for Mac users want to migrate to webmail applications like

Get the eSoftTools OLM to Migrator to easily migrate Outlook for Mac OLM files to account directly. In simple clicks, import all OLM files with emails, contacts, calendars, and other items to web application. Download Free Demo Now:-


Why do users want to switch from Outlook for Mac to

There are several benefits of switching from Outlook for Mac to

  • Access email profile from any location:- With cloud mail service users get the ability to access their email profile from different locations with ease.
  • Open & Use Email Accounts on different devices:- Users can access their account from any device by just opening a web browser.
  • Save email profile data to cloud servers:- With service users gets a free storage space for saving all their important emails, and other data.

Because of these special features and advantages, many users want to switch from Outlook for Mac to service.

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Quick Solution to Migrate from Outlook for Mac to

Outlook for Mac application also assists users in preserving users profile data locally with OLM files. OLM files support saving all emails, contacts, calendars and other data items of the user’s profile.

So, to migrate Outlook for Mac data to application user just need to transfer OLM files to account.

Instant Method to Directly Import OLM file to Account

But to directly import OLM file to accounts, users have to use an automated tool. The best utility that is available to Import OLM to is eSoftTools OLM Converter Software. Using this tool a user can easily move all data from OLM files without facing any problems.

In addition, to make the migration process faster and more reliable this software offers multiple advanced features to its users.


Steps to Perform Outlook for Mac to Migration-

  • Download and Start eSoftTools OLM Converter Software on a Windows-based computer.
OLM to PST Converter Welcome window
  • Click the Select OLM button, then choose a conversion from the next screen.
    • Single file Conversion:- Add a single OLM file for conversion
    • Bulk OLM file conversion:- Add a folder with several OLM files to convert all files at one time.
select single olm
  • Next, import all OLM files into the software and hit the Start Scanning button.
select single olm
  • Scan OLM files and extract all its inner folders and items (emails, contacts, calendars, etc).
  • Preview emails and other items, then choose needed folders from OLM files.
Preview OLM Emails
  • After the required folders selection hit the Import to button from the menu bar.
olm to office365 cloud import
  • Add the email address and password of your account.
olm to office365 options
  • Apply other settings (like- inputting a new folder, using primary mailbox, mail filtering, and log file).
  • Finally, hit the Connect & Import button and start the process of Outlook for Mac to migration.
OLM to Office 365 Migration

The software will begin the migration process and transfer all data from OLM files to accounts.

Smart features of OLM to Migrator

  • Migrate OLM files to account with complete safety.
  • Easily Import single or multiple OLM files to in a single process
  • Preview emails, contacts, calendars, and other items from OLM files before migration.
  • Export only required or selective folders from OLM files.
  • Offers to save OLM file’s data in the primary mailbox of account.
  • Also, supports creating new folders to profile to preserve OLM file’s data.
  • Has mail filter by date range feature to export emails of required dates from OLM files.
  • Users can also create log files and save the file to their desired location.


Nowadays, a huge amount Outlook for Mac users wants to switch to cloud-based mail applications like- Through this article, we have provided some of the main reasons why users want to perform OLM to migration. Now use the eSoftTools OLM Converter and easily switch to application. Also, try a free demo edition of OLM conversion tool to check all its functions for free.


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