How To Import eM Client emails To Thunderbird? Instant Solution

So you’ve made the decision to export eM Client to Thunderbird and don’t want to lose any data. You may want to move from eM Client to Thunderbird for a variety of reasons. On this blog, we’ll show you how to import emails from eM Client to Thunderbird quickly and easily.

eM Client is a desktop-based email program for Windows, as we all know. It has effective email management features. However, many people are want to switch from eM Client to another email client because of various reasons. They’ve complained about eM Client syncing issues, user interface issues, usability issues, and more. So resolving these kinds of problem users nowadays tries to move from eM Client to Thunderbird.

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Best Solution to Import eM Client emails to Thunderbird

Using eSoftTools EML Converter Suite, you can complete this mission. The tool can convert eM Client EML files in one go, with all associated assets such as emails, attachments, and so on. To do so, simply export EML files from the eM Client application and then import them into your Thunderbird account.

Step 1:- Export eM Client emails as .eml file format

  • Simply open eM Client and pick the “Export” option from the file menu.
  • Select “Export to.eml files” from the drop-down menu.

That’s it!! Emails from the eM Client are now saved as.eml files.

Step 2:- Import eM Client EML emails into Thunderbird

EML Converter
  • Now from the opened screen again click on Select EML folder button and load the folder in the software where all your eml files are located. And after this simply click on the Next tab.
EML file/Folder selection
  • The software will give you a full preview of all EML messages and attachments. Select the required EML folder from here and press the convert EML button from the top menu.
EML emails preview
  • Now, select the Export to MBOX option from the conversion options list.
Conversion formats
  • Select saving location and choose the MBOX type as a single MBOX or separate MBOX for each folder.
Export in MBOX
  • In the final step, click the Convert button and start the EML to MBOX Conversion task.
Convert EML to MBOX

After a while, you’ll note that the eM Client folder are now converted to MBOX files.

Now, follow the steps to directly import MBOX files into Thunderbird.

  • Launch Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Select ImportExportTool
  • Click on Import MBOX file option and load the MBOX file that has your eM clients emails.


We’ve covered the entire process of exporting eM Client to Thunderbird in the preceding post. If you’re one of the people who wants to import mail from eM Client to Thunderbird, you can get the suggested solution here. To extract eM Client emails, the software offers several choices. You can export 25 eM Client emails to Thunderbird with the demo version.

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