In several cases, many Outlook for users prefers to save their calendars items from OLM to ICS files. Users who wants to accomplish this task, can get their answer by reading this article. Here we’ll provide you with the best answer to your query “How to Export Outlook for Mac Calendar to ICS files in Windows?”

Outlook for Mac is one the most used software for emailing jobs. Similar to windows Outlook this email client also offers to save users’ profile data locally with OLM files. Email messages, contacts, calendars, notes, and several more things users can save easily in OLM files.

Saving several types of data to a single file is possible with OLM file format. But some users prefer to save their data items to separate files. For doing this task, file format like- “ICS” helps users. The ICS files allow users to especially save only calendar items. It offers users to save complete calendar information such as events, event descriptions, beginning time, ending time, location, etc.

Both ICS and OLM files support storing users’ calendar events but are distinct from each other. Also, there are several benefits of using ICS files, rather than OLM. As a result of this, at the present time, several users want to Convert OLM to ICS file format.

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Benefits of Exporting OLM Calendars ICS files

  • Several users may occasionally require to transfer calendar data from Outlook for Mac application. In that situation, rather than sharing a large-sized OLM file, users majorly prefer first to export calendar entries from OLM to ICS files and then share data with ICS files easily.
  • The ICS file takes up less space on desktops than the OLM file. So, this process of converting OLM files with calendar to ICS also helps users to total file size.
  • People can directly access and import ICS files with a large number of email applications like- Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, eM Client, IBM Notes, and other email clients. On other hand, OLM files work only in Outlook for mac application.

Smart Solution to Export Outlook for Mac Calendar to ICS Files

A user can easily and quickly perform OLM to ICS file conversion using this eSoftTools OLM Converter software. This software has a distinct option to export OLM calendars to ICS files.

This is the finest option for all your needs. It will allow you to export multiple calendar data to ICS files with complete information. Without losing data integrity, this utility intelligently converts OLM calendar to ICS files.


How to Export Outlook for Mac Calendar to ICS files in Windows?

  • On a Windows installed machine, download and run eSoftTools OLM Converter Software.
OLM to PST Converter Welcome window
  • Hit the “Select OLM” button, to add OLM files to the software for conversion.
  • Select the single file or bulk file conversion mode option then click on Next.
select single olm
  • Input all of your OLM files in the software and click the Start Scanning button.
  • Extract all folders and objects from OLM files (including- emails, contacts, calendars, etc).
Scan OLM files and load mail folders
  • View all inner elements from OLM files, select the calendar folders, and then click on “Convert”.
Preview OLM Emails
  • Select the “vCard file...” radio button from the list of OLM file conversion choices.
olm export to pst options
  • Make use of other required settings like- “Mail Filtering,” “Naming Convention,” and “Saving Location“.
  • Finally, click the “Convert” button to begin the process of transferring OLM Calendar to ICS files.
OLM to PST Conversion

Best Features of OLM to ICS Converter Software:-

  • Convert a large number of Mac Outlook OLM files with unlimited calendars to ICS files at once.
  • Save the output ICS files to a location wherever you like.
  • During the Mac Outlook OLM to iCal conversion, keeps all calendar elements such as an event, subject, starting date, ending date, description, and so on.
  • Convert any sized Outlook for Mac OLM files to ICS files without any problem.
  • Has a simple graphical user interface that may be used by both technical and non-technical people.
  • The utility is compatible with all lower to higher editions of Windows, including the most recent Windows 11.


We’ve covered the topic “How to Export Outlook for Mac Calendar to ICS files” In this blog post. To make the OLM file to ICS conversion easy for users we have mentioned the best technique in the above sections of this article. For the best and most accurate results of OLM calendar conversion, we recommend users to use eSoftTools OLM to ICS Converter software. The user can also utilize the demo version of this program to see how it works.


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