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Are you looking for an instant way to Convert OLM Contacts to vCard(.vcf) files? If so, you’re at your destination. Here we’ll show the entire process to complete this task of OLM to vCard Contacts conversion. Lets’ start the topic…

In Apple MacOS based machines users uses Microsoft Outlook for Mac application for emailing. All the features of Windows Outlook are available in this Outlook for MAC application. Also, it specially allows users to their email profiles data to their local drive with OLM files. This Outlook for Mac application supports to save all email, calendars, contacts, notes, journals, and other items to OLM files as a database backup.

Aside from OLM, there is also file format known as vCard/VCF (Virtual Contact Format). This file types is uses by different application for saving electronic business cards with numerous forms of contact information. A vCard file, allows you to preserve contacts information such as- first name, address, phone number, email address, photographs, date, time, logos, and other things.

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OLM and vCard both files supports to store user’s contacts information. But OLM files are only compatible with Mac Outlook on other hand vCard files works on different application. Because of this reason a huge list of user wants to Export contacts from OLM to vCard files.

Quick Solution to Convert OLM Contacts to vCard(.vcf) files

A great solution to export Outlook for Mac contacts from OLM to vCard files is eSoftTools OLM Converter Software. This windows based program will assist you in exporting data items from OLM, including contacts, calendars, emails, and so on with ease.

It’s a powerful method for exporting calendars and contacts from Mac OLM to the ICS and VCF formats in simple mouse click. Furthermore, it enables the user to export data from OLM file without getting any data loss issue.


How to Convert OLM to vCard using eSoftTools OLM Converter Tool?

  • Download and use eSoftTools OLM Converter Software on any Windows PC.
OLM to PST Converter Welcome window
  • Add OLM files in the software for conversion, by pressing the Select OLM button.
  • Selecting single file or bulk file conversion mode to add single or multiple OLM files, then click on Next.
select single olm
  • Load all your OLM files into the software and click the Start Scanning button.
  • From OLM files, extract all folders and objects (emails, contacts, calendars, and other things).
Scan OLM files and load mail folders
  • View all the inner elements from OLM files, and choose contacts folders from OLM, then click on Convert from menu-bar.
Preview OLM Emails
  • Then, from the list of OLM file conversion options, select “vCard file…” radio button.
olm export to pst options
  • Select other options include “Mail Filtering,” “Naming Convention,” and “Saving Location.”
  • Finally, click the Convert button to begin the process of exporting contacts from OLM to vCard files.
OLM to PST Conversion


There are several reasons why a user will needs to Export OLM contacts to vCard files. As a result, we have provided the best solution to the user’s query “How to Convert OLM Contacts to VCF or vCard? Through this blog post. To do this task, users have to utilize the automated program, which we have mentioned above. You only need to download eSoftTools OLM Converter and apply the steps shown above to securely export OLM Contact to vCard files.


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