Several users are migrating from Thunderbird to Outlook with their complete profile data. While migration they also require to export Thunderbird profile calendar items. If you also want to do it but have no knowledge of how to do it, then be with this article. Here we will show you “How to Export Calendar from Thunderbird to Outlook Profile?

There are several free and paid email applications available in the market. Thunderbird and Outlook are the most well-known and top-rated applications.

Thunderbird is an open-source application and is freely available for all users. It provides amazing features that other free email applications are unable to offer for users.

Mainly users use Thunderbird for mailing, but it also provides the option to create and manage calendars and contact items.

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Why move calendars from Thunderbird to Outlook?

Thunderbird has the powers that other free email application doesn’t provide to users. But it has several limitations and also it is an open-source application.

On another hand, Microsoft has launched the Outlook application and it has gained the huge trust of its users. Also, for solving all users’ queries Microsoft team is available 24/7.

Because of these kind reasons users prefer to shift to applications like- MS Outlook. While migration they also need to move the calendar from Thunderbird to Outlook profile.

Method to Move Thunderbird Calendar to MS Outlook

Thunderbird saves copies of each user profile item (like- emails, calendars, and contact items) to the user’s local drive. To export, the Thunderbird calendar to Outlook users just has to extract the Thunderbird calendar in ICS files. After saving the calendar of thunderbird to ICS files, the user can import extracted ICS files in Outlook and access the Thunderbird calendar easily.

Step 1: – Export Thunderbird Calendar to ICS files

  • Launch the Mozilla Thunderbird application on your computer.
  • From the toolbar click on the “Events and Tasks” option and then click on Export.
  • Select a particular Calendar for exporting from Thunderbird and click on OK.
  • Select the saving location, provide the custom name to the ICS file, and hit the Save button.

Apply these steps and safely saves all calendar as ICS files on your local drive.

Step 2: – Import ICS files in MS Outlook

Import all extracted ICS files of Thunderbird profiles to MS Outlook by following the steps shown below: –

  • Launch the MS Outlook application and press click the File tab.
  • Next, click on Open & Export, then Select the Import/Export option.
  • Choose “Import a calendar (.ics) or vCalendar file (.vcs)” from the next screen.
  • Move to the location of Thunderbird ICS files, select them and press the open button.
  • Finally, press the import button and safely view all Thunderbird calendars in Outlook.


Many users are moving from Thunderbird to Outlook and in addition to emails, users also require to Thunderbird calendar items in Outlook. The best solution for doing this Thunderbird to Outlook calendar import process, we have given through this article. Now simply follow the method shown above and easily export Thunderbird calendar to Outlook.

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