How to Convert Thunderbird MSF to PST? Best Methods

Since Mozilla Thunderbird is open source, it has a large number of users around the world who are looking for a way to Convert Thunderbird MSF files to Outlook PST format. What process or tool can assist in the conversion of MSF files to Outlook is a major concern. Let’s take a closer look at it-

Mozilla Thunderbird stores your email data in two sections. The first is the MBOX file (without the extension), which is Thunderbird’s standard format for storing emailing data. The second file type that thunderbird uses to save mailbox is MSF file, also known as the “Mail Summary file” (with the.MSF extension), which is Thunderbird’s index file that only contains the headers and summary of the mails. The.sbd directory usually contains all of the other sub-containers, such as Drafts, Sent mails, Trash objects, and Important, among others. There are pairs for each container in this, such as Draft.msf and Draft, Trash.msf and Trash, and so on.

MS Outlook is without a doubt the best email client available today. MS Outlook has almost completely replaced email clients such as Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Horde, and others because of its amazing features. Most users and organizations are now searching for a way to transfer Thunderbird MSF files to Outlook. To open an MSF file in Outlook, there are two methods that can be used. To import MSF files into Outlook, you can either use a manual method or a professional method that will give you complete results.

Method for manually transferring Thunderbird MSF to Outlook

Before beginning the manual conversion process, the user must first install a Thunderbird plug-in, namely import/export tools.

  1. Launch the Thunderbird email client.
  2. Open the required folder to export in Outlook.
  3. Press Ctrl+A to pick all messages from this folder.
  4. Right-click on the emails you want to save and choose Save As option.
  5. To import MSF files into Outlook, go to the appropriate folder and save the files in the destination folder.
  6. Now open Microsoft Outlook and create a new folder to sort the converted emails into it.
  7. Enter the desired name, such as Thunderbird to PST, and simply click on OK.
  8. Now visit the Thunderbird emails location and select all emails and drag them to the new folder in MS Outlook.
  9. After this, all Thunderbird emails can be viewed in MS Outlook.

Manual method’s limitations MSF to Outlook conversion

  • Chance of data loss
  • Possibility of message formatting being lost
  • Modification of headers is a possibility.
  • Drag and drop every email is a time-consuming operation.
  • There’s a chance that emails will lose their SMTP headers.

Convert Thunderbird MSF to PST with a Professional Tool

A professional approach can be used to effectively overcome the issues encountered when using manual methods to export Thunderbird MSF to PST. As an alternative, eSoftTools Thunderbird to Outlook Converter, one of the most widely recommended third-party software for converting Thunderbird mailboxes.


Export MBOX to PST

Software with Superior Features to Import.msf Files with Attachments

There are many reasons to use eSoftTools MSF file converter software. A few of them are mentioned below: –

  • The Thunderbird file’s entire metadata will be retained.
  • Another feature of the tool is that it does not harm Mozilla Thunderbird info
  • The conversion does not require the installation of Outlook.
  • Not only MSF files but also MBOX files with all attachments can be imported into Outlook.
  • The best part about the tool is that it doesn’t need any technical knowledge or extra work to convert MSF files to Outlook.


We’ve gone over how to convert Thunderbird MSF to Outlook. Both the manual and technical methods are effective in their own right. However, when it comes to quickly convert MSF files in Outlook, the manual method of converting mailbox files fails. As a result, I recommend that you use a third-party tool to resolve this problem. MSF/MBOX to Outlook converter is a safe and stable tool that makes migration simple and without creating any problem.

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