Common Thunderbird Error Messages and Their Solutions

Know the Common Thunderbird Error Messages and Their Solutions. The blog will describe you the methods to easily repair thunderbird errors to re-access your email account in Mozilla Thunderbird Application.

Thunderbird is an open-source application that helps users to send/receive emails and doing some other kind of work. It has several features that help users to improve the customer experience. It is compatible with the different versions of Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. This email application offers a seamless experience to the clients, but in some cases the user may also faces some errors that need to be resolved. The article talks about how to solve common Thunderbird errors.

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Error 1- Mozilla Thunderbird Cannot Delete Messages

The reason behind this error is the corrupt trash folder. To resolve the error, the user has to simply follow the given steps:-

  • Launch Thunderbird Application and press the menu button from the right-side upper corner of your computer screen.
  • Select the Help tab and then choose the troubleshooting information option.
  • Once the troubleshooting information window is opened up click on the Open Folder tab. It will show the user all the files available in the profile tab.
  • Now, close the Mozilla Thunderbird application.
  • Open the Mail folder in Windows explorer
  • Open the folder that has incoming server name
  • Then select and remove the Trash and Trash.MSF files.
  • Restart the application.

If you are already using IMAP application, a trash folder will be recreated and if you are using POP account, visit the folder list and right-click on the account name and select the new folder tab.  Now, you can give a new name to the folder trash and hit the create button.

Error 2- Unable to Send emails in Thunderbird

Another common hassle faced by the users is Thunderbird application is not able to send/receive mails due to faulty settings of Thunderbird application and when ISP blocks the port. You can try the below steps to Repair Thunderbird error

Solution 1:- To resolve the error, ensure there is a proper configuration of Thunderbird.

Solution 2:- After verifying, you can use a different TCP port 2525 for SMTP server.

Error 3- Thunderbird not receiving emails

It is possible that the Thunderbird application is not able to receive the messages. So, the user needs to ensure that the application is configured properly. To do so, you can start with these steps

  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird Application then click on Menu
  • Press the Tools option and then go to Account Setting
  • Click over the server settings option.
  • Select configuration setting and ensure incoming mail server connection is working or not.
  • The email account provider will offer all the details regarding connection server. Match the account settings with it.

Error 4- Server Does Not Support Encryption type Thunderbird

Sometimes users face Server Does Not Support Encryption Error while configuring the account in Mozilla thunderbird.

Solution:- To fix this error user needs to verify Thunderbird settings. Click on Change settings and apply the correct settings.

If your mail server doesn’t support encryption, you can also apply the other method (but it is a risky process). To do this the user has to click on the checkbox where it is written I understand the risk and then press on create account tab.

Error 5- Thunderbird Closes Unexpectedly

When a Thunderbird application crash unexpectedly or there is a sudden shutdown, it can be due to various reasons. To resolve the error, you need to send a report to the Mozilla Firefox team. You can even attach a report and discuss the issues in the forum. It will help you to resolve the error.

Permanent solutions for all these Thunderbird errors

We have covered the most common Thunderbird error messages and their solutions of but there are many other errors that the user might face frequently. To avoid all such errors, it is advised to switch to another email client like Outlook that to get a users friendly interface and more features. For doing this task user can try the eSoftTools Thunderbird to Outlook Converter tool which will help users to perform Thunderbird email migration in three simple steps:-

  1. Select MBOX file
  2. Preview the files
  3. Convert & Save resulted file to the desired destination.

The software also supports various other email applications like Apple Mail, Sea Monkey, Entourage, Eudora, Mozilla and convert MBOX file into PST and many other formats.

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