How to use ESEUTIL to Repair and Recover Exchange Server Database?

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What is Eseutil?

It is an inbuilt utility which is automatically installed with the Exchange Server. Eseutil is a command-line utility that comes with the Exchange server to repair the corruption and other error issues like Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) error or Jet Engine Error from Exchange database.
This utility is stored in the Bin directory of your Exchange server folder in your machine. It is used to perform many different operations like database repair, integrity check, etc.

What is the need of Eseutil?

When the Exchange server unexpectedly shuts down (Due to power failure), while the user is making the important transaction on her Exchange database and it still pending to be done, So in this dirty-shutdown case the database will be “connected” to the log files.

And on restarting, the Exchange server it automatically opens the log files where the database was stored.

But when it is doesn’t do automatically, the administrator can manually recover all the database by using the Eseutil tool.

This Eseutil Tool is a multi-featured utility by which user can perform multiple tasks related to Exchange Server database.

Here’s a list of the functions that you can perform by using ESEUTIL command:–

Eseutil “/p”– this command is used to repair the database
Eseutil “/d”– this switch is to defragment the database
Eseutil “/r”– this command line is used for restoring the database
Eseutil “/k”– It is to verify the database
Eseutil “/g”– this switch is used to check the database integrity
Eseutil “/c”– this switch helps the user to do hard recovery
Eseutil “/m”– this command is to display the logs or checkpoint files of Exchange server
Eseutil “/y”– this switch helps to copy the log files
Eseutil “/ms”– It used to check the available space
Eseutil “/mk”– This command allows you to troubleshoot the backup and restoration problems

How to use Eseutil Repair Database Exchange 2010?

Before starting the recovery of the exchange database, you have to notify These Things:-

  • Before using this tool you have to Dismount the corrupted database.
  • Make a backup of the database before starting the recovery through Eseutil.
  • Identify the location of the corrupt EDB file.

Instantly Repair the Exchange database via Eseutil in just 9 easy steps:-

Step (1): Open the “Eseutil” Tool in your machine from the Path:-

C:\ProgramFiles\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Versionofexchangeserver\Bin

Step (2): Now check the database consistency with the command “Eseutil /mh”.

  • If the database shutdown state is ‘Dirty’, check all the log files are “present or not”.
  • If database shutdown state is ‘Clean’, So just move all log files from the transaction logs.

Step (3): If the log files are available, start a soft recovery by using the command Eseutil “/r”. It will fix all major errors from the Exchanges database.

Step (4): If the log files are not available, So this time is to make a hard recovery from the backup.

Step (5): Restoring from the backup, a file called “restore.env” is created in a temporary location. Move this file to a safe folder before starting the recovery. This file contains the checkpoint logs of that database you want to recover.

Step (6): Now start the Hard Recovery from the Bin folder of Exchange server with applying the command: “ Eseutil /c ” and enter the Path of the “restore.env” file containing folder in the command box.

Step (7): If you don’t have a valid backup, So perform Hard Repair with the command: Eseutil “/p”.

Step (8): After this completing the recovery steps, defragment the database with the command: Eseutil “/d”.

The final step (9): Once these steps complete successfully, you can simply close the Eseutil tool.

Negative views of ESEUTIL Inbuilt Command Line

  • Lots of Time consumption.
  • Lots of Empty space is required to use this utility
  • Requires a high level of technical knowledge
  • It is a procedural method which may result in irreversible corruption due to a minor mistake.
  • Restoration of huge EDB file may create an error or miss some pieces of data.

Automated Solution to Repair exchange database 2010

User can go with the best alternative of Eeustil tool name which is developed by the eSoftTools name as “Exchange Server Database Recovery Software. This is a professional utility that is designed with some highly advanced algorithms to easily repair and recover the corrupt Exchange database file. All the restrictions of in-built utilities are overcome by this tool. It Completely resolves all corruption and damage issue from the Exchange EDB file and assists the user to recovers the corrupt database including emails, contacts, chats, tasks, notes, journals, and appointments and other mailbox items to a New accessible PST file. Try a free Demo version of this EDB to PST Converter to Extract 25 items from per folder of your important EDB file to many different file formats such as “PST, EML, EMLX, MSG, and HTML”. Even it tool has the capacity to work fine with any version of Exchange server apart from Exchange 2010.

Screenshot of Exchange Database Recovery Software:-



Any technical person with sound knowledge of Exchange server can use “Eeustil” for Exchange server recovery. But it does have some limitations which makes it a less opted technique. Hence, choosing smart software such as eSoftTools “Exchange recovery” software can be the optimum solution with high reliability. Also, it is always advisable to try a demo version before going with the complete version.

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